A new look

Physics Buzz started as an unofficial project by APS staff to explore the blogosphere and write about interesting physics-y things that didn’t fit in with our normal outlets. After 9 months we’ve decided to go semi-official. Don’t worry, the only thing that is changing is our look (we wanted to align the blog more closely with PhysicsCentral, our home base).

With PhysicsCentral, we communicate the excitement and importance of physics to everyone. We invite you to visit our site every week to find out how physics is part of your world. We’ll answer your questions on how things work and keep you informed with daily updates on physics in the news. We’ll describe the latest research and the people who are doing it and, if you want more, where to go on the web. So stick with us. It’s a big, interesting world out there, and we look forward to showing you around.

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