After Pregnancy Skin Care – How should mother take care of her skin after delivery

After Pregnancy Skin Care, How should mother take care of her skin after delivery? It is very important to take care of the skin of both along with taking care of the health of your child and your child after delivery.

After Pregnancy Skin Care

After Pregnancy Skin Care

Where does the mother get time for herself? More if the children are small. The matter of taking time for yourself does not come to mind. Just enough sleep, that’s enough. When sleep is not being fulfilled, then the question of skin care arises from where?

All the time, she keeps moving around with a sleepy face, there is a blackness on her face. If you see yourself in the mirror a few times, the appearance looks like someone else’s. In such a situation, who knows where to install a moisturizer. But now become a little aware and look at your beautiful face to look beautiful in future also.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks Removal

They will never go completely, but they will definitely lighten up. Initially, there are many creams available in the market to remove pink, reddish-brown stretch marks, but none can be said that it will remove this stain. Applying aloe vera also benefits. There is no harm. You can also get laser therapy done.

Skin care routine

You do one day and night for your beloved, never do anything for yourself. Skin care is not just about beauty. Apply sunscreen after bathing every day, even if you do not have to go outside. Even when you go to the balcony, strong rays of the sun are applied on the face. Sunscreen also protects against skin cancer. Keep sunscreen near the child’s bag or its belongings. To apply the cream, when you extend your hand, take sunscreen along with it. If you want, put a reminder on the phone. Do not forget to apply night cream at night.

Must do normal skin care

Skip the Complicated Skin Care routine. A good face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen are enough to use. Sometimes baby lotion can be applied only. If you want to avoid aging, use a retinol moisturizer at night. If you have eczema or acne, talk to a dermatologist and follow the correct suggestion. Avoid using any common product. Right now hormonal changes are happening in you. Talk to a dermatologist and choose the right face lotion, which will prevent spots on the face.

Only adopt natural products

Do not buy any product without reading the label. It would be better if you use organic, khadi, non-toxic products at this time. If the chemical moisturizer on your hand went into your teen’s mouth, then imagine what would happen! Therefore, use only natural things.

Beauty in your kitchen

While cooking, rub the tomato on your mouth. Put a little inside the mouth and eat it. Tomato is the best anti-oxidant which enhances the beauty of skin and removes dirt. In the same way, if you are making dal pakodis, then rub the same ground lentils along with your hands and feet. If there are acne or stains on the face during pregnancy, mix a little turmeric in curd and apply on the face as well as hands. The skin will glow.

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