American Physical Society Launches “Physical Review Tweets”

Following the success of Physical Review Materials and Physical Review X, the American Physical Society is excited to announce the launch of Physical Review Tweets, the latest addition to the Physical Review family of journals and/or feeds.

PRT will provide a common publication and reference source to the expanding community of physicists and researchers in related disciplines that carry out high-quality original research that can be conveyed effectively in the most rapid form of communication, tweets.

PRT expands the scope of the existing APS journals beyond their current emphasis on papers. This new twitter feed will offer a publication option for a wide variety of research, including tweets that analyze, characterize, or synthesize novel research of great interest to the multidisciplinary community engaged in memetic engineering.

PRT particularly welcomes tweets that transcend conventional subject boundaries and are presented in a form accessible to readers from different disciplines, i.e. reaction GIFs, rickroll-style redirects, and memes.

With a lead time of about three months, PRT will provide the fastest tweet peer-review available anywhere. The PRT Editorial Board also wishes to emphasize that abstracts for PRT tweets have no length limit.

PRT will allow APS to move into new disciplines and attract new authors and readers to the Physical Review collection. It will maintain the same quality and reputation that authors, readers, and subscribers expect from APS.

A call for tweets will be announced in the coming months.

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