Anemia is very harmful for health, learn about its symptoms, prevention and treatment

55 percent of the women in the country suffer from anemia problem which is very harmful for their health. Why is there such a problem and how to avoid it.

Anemia is very harmful for health

Due to family responsibilities, most women do not pay attention to their health and food, due to which there is a lack of blood in their body. Due to lack of blood in the body, the behavior of women increases irritability as well as problems like weakness, dark eyes in front of eyes, dizziness, sleepy skin, always sleepy and many other problems. So why is this problem and how can we overcome it, will know about it…

1. What kind of physical condition is called anemia?

If the level of hemoglobin in a woman’s blood is less than 12 and that of a male is less than 13 grams, then she is considered to be suffering from anemia.


2. Why does this problem bother women more?

Although the symptoms of anemia are found in men also, this problem bothers women more. In fact, this is the main reason for excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle. Apart from this, due to family responsibilities, most women do not pay attention to their health and food, due to which there is a lack of blood in their body. It is unfortunate that in the absence of awareness even today some people do not pay attention to the nutrition of daughters, due to which there is lack of blood in the body of the schoolgirls. Anemia is often associated with poverty, but sometimes educated women living in cities also suffer from anemia.

3. How does this problem affect a woman’s life?

Physical and intellectual development of girls is not done correctly due to anemia. This weakens their ability to concentrate, which adversely affects the exam results. This is why girls in needy class leave their studies in high school. In the absence of awareness, parents and teachers begin to consider girls as retarded and careless in studies without realizing the real cause of the problem. Due to lack of blood in the body, irritation in the behavior of women increases.

4. What should be the level of hemoglobin in a woman’s body during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, volume expansion of the woman’s uterus and its surroundings is happening rapidly. In addition, the fetus also gets food from the mother’s body. That is why in the third stage of pregnancy, the level of hemoglobin in the woman falls by 1-2 grams. That is why the level of hemoglobin in a woman’s body should be more than 12 grams before getting pregnant and all women should undergo a CBC i.e. Total Blood Count Test every three months after marriage.

5. What can be the problems in pregnancy due to anemia?

This increases the risk of miscarriage. The whole body, including the fetus’s brain, is not able to develop properly, premature delivery or at birth increases the risk of infant’s death.

6. How to identify its major symptoms?

Often fatigue, weakness, dark eyes in front of eyes, dizziness, sleepy skin, always sleepy, inner part of eyes look more white. The normal healthy person’s palms, soles and fingernails have a slight pinkish color, but when anemia occurs, the color of these parts turns completely white.

7. What should be done to prevent this?

Include green leafy vegetables prominently in your diet, including bananas, apples, pomegranates, dates, jaggery, peanuts, almonds, chickpeas, carrots, beets. Always cook vegetables in an iron pan, this increases the iron content in the food. Do not wash green vegetables after cutting, this destroys nutrients.

8. What other things should be kept in mind to give iron nutrition to the body properly?

For the absorption of iron in the body, sour fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruit and seasonality must be taken along with iron-rich foods. Do not use calcium with iron. Due to this, both these elements are not able to give adequate nutrition to the body. Do not consume any milk product with iron-rich fruits or vegetables. Efforts should be made that two hours before or after eating fruits or green leafy vegetables, foods like milk and curd should be consumed.

9. Consumption of fruits 

Consumption of fruits usually increases the level of sugar in the blood. In such a situation, if a diabetes patient has anemia, how will he get iron nutrition?

In such a situation, instead of drinking juice, include limited quantity of citrus fruits in your diet. Do not eat dates and jaggery but gram, rajma, almond, groundnut, ragi and all green leafy vegetables are rich in iron and protein. Their intake is helpful in controlling both problems.

10. How is it treated?

Doctors usually recommend taking iron supplements. In severe conditions, IV (intravenous) medicine also provides iron dose, which causes hemoglobin levels to be normal but do not consume an iron supplement without the expert’s advice.

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