Wikipedia Physics

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, is my favorite research tool. It’s democratic (bordering on socialist), bigger and much more up to date than any print encyclopedia, and… Read more !

Chaos Turtle

My Mom’s a physics nerd too. Here is a turtle she painted for the University of Maryland Fear the Turtle Sculpture Project. It is covered in patterns derived from the… Read more !

Einstein@Home Art Computer

How nerdy am I? I’ll give you a hint – I do physics in my sleep. Specifically, I built a custom computer that runs the distributed computing project Einstein@Home 24… Read more !

Freak Waves

Q: When does three plus three equal ten? A: When waves meet up in experiments to simulate monstrous freak waves that snap ships in half or topple oil drilling rigs.… Read more !

Trouble at the alma mater

I’m coming into this story a little late, (I’m catching up on my reading after being out of commission for over a month) but this story hit me especially hard… Read more !

Stop faking it!

I recently registered for a teacher workshop called “Force and Motion: Stop Faking It!” Turns out the National Science Teachers Association has a whole line of Stop Faking It materials… Read more !