Beautiful Hair Tips: How to take care of long hair

The more beautiful and attractive the long hair looks, the more difficult it is to look after them. Taking care of long hair is a very important task. If you take a little carelessness then hair fall or white starts, which becomes very difficult to prevent from getting spoiled. But if long hair is taken care of in a phased manner then it can remain healthy. Begin by sleeping in the morning.

Beautiful Hair Tips: How to take care of long hair
Beautiful Hair Tips

Let’s know how to do this “How to take care of long hair?

Long hair care tips:

Tip 1: After waking up in the morning, the hair is slightly tangled. So do not comb them in a hurry, because it breaks the hair. Slowly start by moving the fingers between the hairs. In a short time your hair will get sorted to a great extent. That too without breaking.

Tip 2: Use a long hair brush for brushing on long hair. The brush should be of wood and its bristles should be soft.

Tip 3: To brush hair, stand with bent hair facing down. Then brush the neck downwards. Then stand up straight and brush from the inside to the bottom. After that comb the hair upwards. At the end, comb a little hair and comb well.

Tip 4: Brush the hair only when it is completely dry. Wet hair is relatively weak. Brushing wet hair can cause hair breakage and weakening.

Tip 5: Always dry your hair in natural air as far as possible.

Tip 6: If the hair is to be curled, then avoid using ordinary rollers altogether. Avoid using electronic rollers altogether.

Tip 7: The use of electric rollers, hot combs and curling iron makes the hair dry and lifeless.

Tip 8: If it is necessary to use these devices then use on cool setting.

Tip 9: Shampooing hair is a very important task. If the hair is dry then apply a little conditioner before shampooing. After this shampoo.

Tip 10: Always use herbal shampoo for hair. Mix the shampoo with water and apply it to the hair, in this way the shampoo will go easily to the roots of the hair and there will not be any bad effect on the hair.

Tip 11: While shampooing, remove the frozen scum in the head by massaging it with the ends of the fingers.

Tip 12: Take special care of hair while going out. Keep the hair covered while going in very strong sunlight. Use a hat or scarf for this.

Tip 13: Hair should be trimmed from time to time. Get trimming done at an interval of approximately every two months.

Tip 14: Your sleeping pattern also affects your hair. Problems like hair breakage can occur if not sleeping properly.

Tip 15: If you keep turning more turns at bedtime, then apply a pillow of smooth cloth like satin. When you take turns with it, the hair will slip easily and will not break.

Tip 16: The cotton cloth is not slippery on the pillow, so there is a higher risk of hair breakage.

Tips 17: Make hair ponytail at bedtime. Do not use rubber bands when making ponytails. Instead, use a band of clothes.

Tip 18: Hair growth depends on the physical structure of each person.

Tips 19: No plant does not work to grow hair, for this continuous care is necessary.

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