Breakthrough at the Energy Research Lab

I’ve held onto these photos for years because I was sworn to secrecy at the University of Maryland’s Energy Research Facility (ERF). But the facility is defunct now and all the principle researchers have passed away or gone into hiding.

These images are grainy because they were taken with a 1 megapixel camera – it was that long ago!

No explanation is needed, you can see it here for yourself. It was all part of a top secret DARPA project, which died with the ERF. Some say it was a bureaucratic decision to shift money to more promising technologies like cold fusion and remote viewing. But I’m inclined to believe those who say that it was killed by an international, uber-secret cartel of shoe manufacturers.

Not all our research went well. This is the last I saw of Paul.

Hey Paul, old buddy, if you’re still up there and have some way of reading this, we miss you man.

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