Cape Farewell

Text excerpted from writings by Ian McEwan.
Featured artists (T-B): Siobhan Davies, Antony Gormley, William Hunt, David Buckland.

The whole world’s population is to the south of us, and up here we are our species’ representatives…

We are the beneficiaries and victims of our nature (social primates, evolved through time like wind-sculpted rock) merry and venal, co-operative and selfish…

…we will not rescue the earth from our own depredations until we understand ourselves a little more, even if we accept that we can never really change our natures.

Are we at the beginning of an unprecedented era of international co-operation, or are we living in an edwardian summer of reckless denial? Is this the beginning, or the beginning of the end?


From the site:
Cape Farewell brings artists, scientists and educators together to collectively address and raise awareness about climate change. Created by David Buckland, Cape Farewell has led three expeditions into the wild, beautiful and icy High Arctic, a place for artistic inspiration and scientific enquiry.

On board the 100-year old Dutch schooner, The Noorderlicht, Cape Farewell has sailed right to the heart of the debate. From this vantage point the artists and scientists aim to illustrate the workings of this crucial part of the planet, drawing attention to the role ocean currents play and the effect rising CO2 levels and changing weather patterns will have on us all and our climate.

A beautiful and moving illustration of science and art working together.

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