How To Heal Painful Cracked Heels Fast At Home: Badly Cracked Heels Tips

Feet like the face also feel the need of special care. Negligently sometimes there is cracks in the videos to such an extent that even blood starts coming out. In such condition it becomes difficult even to walk in pain.

Heels Tips

Cracked Heels Tips

Before knowing about the treatment of torn ankles, it is important to know what is the reason for their rupture. Let’s know:

Causes of the cracked heels

Due to not keeping the feet clean, the Heels and the legs get torn. Normally, women bathe in a hurry due to busyness and do not wash the feet properly, this keeps the cleanliness of the heels and scum on them. Heels bursts as a result.

Cracked Heels
Cracked Heels

Heels also bursts due to lack of calcium in the body. Always walking barefoot, dust accumulates on the Heels, which is the root cause of the Heels burst. Often, women work at home all day without wearing slippers, which is not a good habit.

Body dryness can also be a reason for cracks in the ankles. Women keep working in water for most of the time, due to which the ankles are cut due to feet being soaked in water for a long time, while keeping feet away from water is very important to overcome the problem of ankles.

Special Precautions

Home Tips to Heel Painful Cracked Heels Fast

Massage the ankles daily with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of rose water and 1 teaspoon of castor oil, you will get relief from wives.

Heat one spoon of pure wax and one spoon of pure ghee, both the substances will mix. Now after dropping it from the heat, drop every drop of cotton into the crevices, it will also become sick, you will feel some pain, but then you will get rest. Do this experiment daily till the heels are completely healed.

Mix salt or borax powder in water, put feet in it for 5 minutes, then wash, after that wipe with a cloth and apply olive oil. Mehndi paste is also used to treat sowing.

Dry grind the mango kernels and mix coconut oil and rub it on the seeds, this fills the cracks and also removes the blackness of the ankles.

Heat 1 bowl of honeycomb with desi wax. Then add half a bowl of mustard oil to it. Sieve the mixture in the ordinary water by now. In a short time this mixture will sit in the bottom. Throw away the water and fill the stored mixture in the glass vial. Clean the Heels and always apply it at bedtime. Continuous use will definitely provide relief in a week.

If the heels crack too much, soak them in lukewarm water and then cut off the exposed skin with a nail cutter or stainless steel blade. But keep in mind that the dead skin is cut off, not the living flesh. Then wipe and apply antiseptic cream.

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