Deodorant can cause breast cancer! Learn here

Skincare tips: Are Deodorants safe? If this question has come before you many times, then you are in the right place. Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia revealed the truth behind the deodorant as to whether it can actually cause breast cancer.

Deodorant can cause breast cancer

Deodorant has become one of the needs of the people. Especially for a person who sweats a lot. Many people are afraid of using deodorant, because they contain parabens, which according to studies can cause breast cancer. Parabens is used for many food items and personal care.

Doctor Lohia says that their chemical structure is like estrogen which influences hormones in the body. However, there has been no confirmation that parabens in deodorant are the cause of breast cancer. Nevertheless, there are many types of complications regarding this.

To overcome these complications, Dr. Lohia has told about it. We will tell you whether there is really a risk of cancer from deodorant or if you are even a little aware of cancer, then know the truth of deodorant from Dr. Lohia.

Deodorant is actually the cause of breast cancer

Doctor Kiran says that many people question them whether deodorant is actually the cause of breast cancer. The deodorant contains aluminum-containing compounds that can increase breast cancer. This is because theoretically they can increase the movement of estrogen in your breast cells. Therefore, people are worried that if they use aluminum deodorant, it will not get deposited in their breast. It may be the cause of breast cancer.

However, this is not entirely true. In many studies, aluminum deodorant has a risk of breast cancer, but it has not been reported that aluminum can accumulate in breast tissue (Breast Tissue). If you use deodorant immediately after shaving, aluminum can be rapidly absorbed. Doctor Kiran observed that “the actual absorption of aluminum is around 0.012%.

Therefore, aluminum is less likely to be absorbed into your skin. In addition to aluminum, deodorant is prone to parabens. Parabens food and many skincare Is present in the products. Dr. Kiran said, “Parabens can cause estrogen stimulation, which theoretically causes breast cancer. It is possible.”

  • Dr. Kiran Lohia is a Skin Specialist in Issa Esthetics.

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