These 10 calcium-rich foods are necessary for the development of the baby in the womb

These 10 calcium-rich foods are necessary for the development of the baby in the womb, 10 Calcium rich foods pregnant women should eat.

Calcium Rich Food During Pregnancy
Calcium Rich Food During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life, which is always waiting for her, she wants to live this time. A woman plays many types of characters in her life, sometimes daughter, sometimes daughter-in-law, sometimes wife, but when playing the role of mother, she becomes a bit selfish and why not? In such a situation, he needs to focus on himself. There is another life inside him which is his first responsibility to nourish.

Today, we will learn through this article why calcium is important during pregnancy and what are its sources?

Calcium plays an important role in pregnancy. Calcium is an important nutrient. Consuming calcium in the first trimester helps in fetal development and also strengthens bones and teeth. It is also helpful in developing muscles and strengthening the heart.

These are the 10 calcium-rich foods

Calcium rich diet during pregnancy

  1. Milk
  2. The oranges
  3. Date
  4. Fig
  5. Almond
  6. Brokley
  7. Tofu (Soybean Cheese)
  8. Spinach
  9. cottage cheese
  10. Strawberry

The following 10 calcium-rich foods are very important during pregnancy:

1. Milk

Milk has been considered as a great source of calcium which is beneficial for people of all ages. Starting the day with a glass of milk is the best way to stay fit. Not only milk, all other milk products like curd and cheese are also good sources of calcium. Regularly consuming a good amount of milk and milk products during the three quarters of pregnancy will prove to be extremely beneficial.

2. Oranges

Talking about calcium-rich foods eaten in pregnancy and if a pregnant woman does not like to consume milk products, then eating orange would be a better option. In addition, oranges also contain antioxidants such as vitamin C which enhance immunity. The consumption of oranges also prevents the problem of morning sickness.

3. Date

Dates are rich in energy and nutrients. It is sweet in taste. This fruit is rich in calcium. Its intake helps to keep bones and teeth healthy. Dates are readily available at grocery stores for 12 months.

4. Fig

Both calcium and fiber are found in abundance in figs. It strengthens the bones of the fetus and also helps the pregnant to get relief from constipation.

5. Almond

Almonds are rich in calcium and vitamin E. Being rich in fiber, almonds improve digestion and help control bowel movements. Consumption of almonds also relieves constipation, a common problem during pregnancy.

6. Broccoli

Consumption of broccoli during pregnancy can provide a good amount of calcium to the pregnant’s body. Physical changes in the body of a pregnant woman cause many problems affecting the bones, osteoporosis being one of them. Eating broccoli is a good option to make bones strong again as it contains a good amount of zinc, magnesium and calcium.

7. Tofu (Soybean Cheese)

Tofu is one of the calcium-rich foods in pregnancy. It is a rich source of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, protein, iron etc. The calcium found in it helps in the development of the bones of an unborn baby.

8. Spinach

Cooked spinach contains about 120 milligrams of calcium.

9. Cottage cheese

A cup of cheese contains 138 milligrams of calcium. Cheese intake can also meet calcium deficiency.

10. Strawberry

100 grams of strawberries contain 16 milligrams of calcium.

By consuming all the food items mentioned in this article, calcium deficiency in pregnancy can be overcome as well as other essential nutrients can also be taken advantage of. Apart from this, it is better to take any other food item or calcium tablets etc. on medical advice only, otherwise it can have serious consequences. Staying healthy in pregnancy matters more than anything else because if a pregnant woman is healthy, the health of her unborn baby is also related. By staying healthy, the fetus can be made safe and the time of pregnancy can be made even more memorable.

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