Can I eat guava during pregnancy? It is safe to eat guava during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when the entire family of the pregnant woman and everyone around her keeps giving her different information related to food. It is also necessary at this time because during pregnancy, the woman needs more care than usual. When a new life is emerging in a woman’s body, then her responsibility towards her health increases even more. In such a situation it becomes important to take all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Eating guava during pregnancy

Guava during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women feel like eating a lot, in such a situation, they can feel like eating guava, but do you know whether a pregnant woman should eat guava?

In this article, we are going to tell you whether to eat guava during pregnancy:

  1. Benefits of eating guava during pregnancy
  2. Disadvantages of eating guava in pregnancy
  3. How and how to eat guava during pregnancy
  4. Precautions in eating guava during pregnancy

1. Benefits of eating guava during pregnancy

Eating guava is healthy during all stages of pregnancy. It contains abundant nutrients and is also beneficial for health in many ways. The nutrients present in guava are very important for a pregnant woman. Guava contains vitamin B9, folic acid, etc. which are considered very important for women during pregnancy.

Eating guava during pregnancy can have the following benefits:

  • Eating guava during pregnancy helps in digestion. The chances of gastric problems, nausea etc. are also less. (Read more – How to improve digestion)
  • Magnesium found in guava helps muscles and nerves function smoothly and protects the newborn from neurological disorders (disorders associated with the brain, nerves and spinal cord).
  • The presence of antioxidants such as vitamin A and vitamin C in guava helps prevent bacterial infections.
  • Guava also controls blood pressure levels and protects against miscarriage and premature delivery. Consumption of guava can also prevent diabetes (gestational diabetes) during pregnancy.
  • The antioxidants present in guava also help in fighting cancer.
  • Being rich in fiber and iron, guava also reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and also prevents the risk of anemia.
  • Vitamin A available in guava increases eye light.

2. Disadvantages of eating guava in pregnancy

Usually, eating guava has not been proven harmful during pregnancy, but still eating it in large quantities, especially by peeling the guava, can cause diarrhea. Guava has high fiber content, so eating more guava in pregnancy can cause harm. Diarrhea in pregnancy is not good for both mother and child.

Eating undercooked guava in pregnancy can cause toothache, so take care to eat only fully cooked guava.

3. How and how to eat guava during pregnancy

It is safe for pregnant women to eat at least one fresh guava a day. You can eat a cup of sliced ​​guava. Guava can be consumed in the form of jelly, jam, salad and juice, but do not eat guava jelly and jam in the packet available in the market. It is believed that guava with white pulp is more nutritious than red guava, so it is better to eat guava with white pulp.

1 to 2 guava can be eaten daily, but if you are suffering from any disease, then consult the doctor before including guava in your diet. Sometimes guava is also used in powder form but it should not be used. Eating raw guava is healthy.

4. Precautions in eating guava during pregnancy

Take the following precautions while eating guava in pregnancy:

  • Wash and eat the fruit well because guava can also be ripened by chemicals like normal fruits, so eating it without washing the fruit can cause infection.
  • Sometimes guava can also cause allergies, so pregnant women can eat pineapple and strawberries in this situation.

No side effects have been reported till date about the consumption of guava in pregnancy. However, it is also true that it can be harmful to consume large amounts of any fruit during pregnancy or at any time. Eat guava in appropriate quantity as much as possible.

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