Feet Swelling During Pregnancy, its symptoms, causes and remedies

Swelling of the feet is common in pregnancy. Despite not being a big problem, pregnant women have to face a lot of problems due to this.

Feet Swelling

In fact, the pregnant woman gets swelling in the legs and heel during pregnancy due to excess fluid in the body and increasing size of the uterus. As the delivery days come closer, the swelling increases. In the summer season, the swelling starts to increase at the end of the day.

But keep in mind that swelling of face and hands like feet is not common. You do not have to be worried about swelling of the feet. While swelling of the face and hands point towards other disease such as pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia is a problem due to lack of adequate oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.

Feet Swelling During Pregnancy

When is there swelling in the legs and how to take care of yourself during pregnancy?

When does swelling in the feet occur during pregnancy

Although at any time during pregnancy, the feet of a pregnant woman can be swollen, but usually in the fifth month, this swelling is more visible and the swelling of the feet increases more in the last trimester. Apart from this, there are many reasons of swelling in the feet like –

  1. Heat temperature
  2. Stand tall
  3. Being physically active all day
  4. Low potassium diet
  5. High intake of caffeine
  6. Sodium intake

Swelling of the feet is common in pregnancy as mentioned above. There is swelling in the feet as well as any other part of the body, especially in the face and hands, so do not delay in contacting the doctor.

Can there be any risk due to swelling of feet and heel?

Swelling of the feet and heel due to edema is not harmful. Even if some women do not have swelling in the legs during pregnancy, it is still not a concern. About 1 in 4 women do not usually have swelling problems during pregnancy. During this time it is important for you to get your BP and Urine checked regularly. If they are at a normal level then there is nothing to worry about.

How to reduce foot swelling in pregnancy?

To reduce foot swelling, pregnant women can try some important measures like:

  • Neither sit nor stand in one place for a long time. If you are doing some work of standing for a long time, then it is better to take a break in some time. If working for hours, then take a gap of 5-10 minutes per hour. Let’s take a walk for a while. Will get rest.
  • Pregnant women should not sit for hours on end. This also increases inflammation. If possible, keep the legs raised on the chair or sit on the chair by hitting the legs. It is not possible to do this, then keep a small stool under the feet so that the feet can get support.
  • Do stretching exercises while sitting. For this, first straighten the legs. After this, stretch the feet. In this way the muscles of the feet will be relaxed. If you have been sitting for a long time, rotate the feet of your feet round and round.
  • Exercise lightly during pregnancy. For example, do walking or swimming. Walking means that blood flow increases in the body. It would be better to go for swimming once you have an opinion from an expert. Due to water pressure due to hydrotherapy, the fluid of the tissues goes towards the veins, which leads to the kidney. Due to reaching the kidneys, you can pass this fluid through urine. As a result, the swelling of the feet decreases. It is also beneficial to join aerobic classes during pregnancy.
  • Take care of your position at bedtime. Instead of lying on your back, lie on the right or left side. Experts advise pregnant women to sleep on the left side. Actually, the kidneys are repaired by sleeping on the left side. As a result there is less possibility of swelling in the feet.
  • Do not wear tight elastic socks and stockings during pregnancy. Allow the blood to flow well these days. Interruptions of blood flow can cause inflammation.
  • Wear light and comfortable shoes. Do not wear high heels and tight fitting shoes at all. This can cause problems to the feet. Wearing light and slightly loose shoes will make you feel comfortable during pregnancy.
  • Choose comfortable and loose-fitting clothes like shoes so that there is no obstruction of blood flow to the feet. Tight top, get away from jeans for a few months.
  • Women should drink plenty of water during pregnancy. It is also necessary to reduce swelling of the feet. Usually the swelling in the feet is due to sodium and residual sodium can be taken out by urine with the help of water. Therefore it is necessary to drink water.
  • Salt is very useful for your health. But excess salt can spoil your health. So eat as much salt or include as much salt in your diet as is necessary. Excess of salt can increase swelling in your feet.
  • Take a healthy diet to reduce swelling in the feet. Stay away from junk food. Keep in mind that you have to take care not only of yourself but also of your child’s health. So do not eat foods that can spoil your health. May also increase swelling of the feet.
  • Avoid getting out of the house during pregnancy days as much as possible. Especially in summer twilight.
  • Relaxation is a good remedy for swelling in the feet. Resting on its own reduces swelling of the feet in a few days.

Overall, the point to say is that during pregnancy, do not worry too much about the swelling of the feet. Swelling of the feet is common. It also does not indicate any serious illness. Yes, swelling in the feet can cause discomfort to the pregnant woman. That is why try the measures mentioned here. Surely some swelling will be provided by the swelling of the feet.

What to eat and not to eat during pregnancy?

The time of pregnancy is very important. What women eat during pregnancy directly affects the child. During this time, it is very important to have a good and nutritious diet to keep the body healthy and healthy.

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