Why do you hate your favorite things in pregnancy? Food aversion during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when women feel like eating a lot, but sometimes it happens that the foods you like the most during pregnancy are clipping as soon as you see them. You are avoiding the same food which was once your favorite. You even dislike the aroma of those dishes.

Food aversion during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. Due to which there is nausea and morning sickness.

Food aversion during pregnancy

Eating meat, eggs, milk, onions, garlic, tea, coffee and piquant in the pregnancy can relieve women and all these foods may make them feel very pregnant before pregnancy. The urge to eat any food item known as craving and the delinquency of eating any dish that is called food allergy (both of which do not like any food in pregnancy) are both common in pregnancy.

  1. When does food allergy end in pregnancy
  2. Some tips to avoid food allergies in pregnancy

1. When does food allergy end in pregnancy

Food intake usually starts from the first trimester of pregnancy and lasts for a full 9 months, so it may happen that this problem is not encountered for some time and then the same situation arises again. This fact is one of the many mysteries associated with pregnancy.

2. Some tips to avoid food allergies in pregnancy

Some tips can be adopted to avoid food allergies. Let’s know what is the advice to avoid food allergy?

  • Do not eat hot, spicy and heavy foods at night. Strong aroma foods increase the likelihood of nausea and food emission.
  • If you are having trouble eating meats, then you can make soy foods like eggs, beans, nuts, peanut butter, low fat cheese, Greek yogurt and tofu as part of your diet for protein.
  • Resting well in pregnancy is part of a healthy lifestyle. Many times, if you do not feel like sleeping or resting in pregnancy, then you should close your eyes and lie down for some time.
  • Junk food should not be kept at home because if you keep junk food at home, then your mind will also eat them.
  • Make delicious food at home, there will be no harm due to its consumption.
  • Healthy body and mind can also be helpful in fighting food allergy, for this you should resort to yoga.

According to a research, 76 percent of women have this problem while living with someone, although there can be many reasons for this, but if a woman mixes with a lot of people in the home or office, she may have craving or food allergies. It may be that in such a situation, they should not be with a person who is eating something.

Even after adopting all the points mentioned above, if you are having any problem like you are very much desirous of eating a dish or you are having difficulty with some food stuff due to which you are feeling very uneasy, then it is better that you Take the advice of your doctor once. Most women behave rough in pregnancy. They face trouble due to behavior change.

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