Fortieth Week of Pregnancy – Labor pen can start at any time, identify like this

Whether you have to have a normal delivery or a caesarean section, a lot will depend on the position and size of your unborn baby. How much you are prepared for it also matters.

Fortieth Week of Pregnancy

Fortieth (40th) Week of Pregnancy

As you enter the 40th week of pregnancy, you may be worried about childbirth, which is also natural. It is a happy and exciting time, but it is also a challenging time for you. During this time, enjoy these last moments with your child, prepare for her arrival. Now it will be in front of your eyes very soon. Although some gestures go beyond the 40th week, in this situation doctors adopt the procedure of Induced labor for delivery.

This is the 40th week of your pregnancy. Your pregnancy has reached its destination. By this time your child has developed its full development in your womb. All you have to do is wait for the introduction of labor pens. However, now even a moment will be difficult for you. But you have to wait until the labor pen starts. It is also important to know what your doctor recommends given your situation. See what can happen to your symptoms at this time:

  1. Body changes during 40th week of pregnancy
  2. Baby development in 40th week of pregnancy
  3. Ultrasound in 40th week of pregnancy
  4. Tips for 40th week of pregnancy
  5. Diet in 40th week of pregnancy

Body changes during 40th week of pregnancy

At this time, pain increases due to weight gain as well as due to excessive activities of the child. Now there is little space for her to move, so the child’s movements may not feel much.

Do not plan to travel or go shopping at this time. During this week you should stop walking and working completely because now you can have labor pain at any time. At this time, even walking and standing in one place seems less than a challenge. You should still do some exercise and if possible walk for about 30 minutes daily. There is more pressure on your bladder, genitals and lower abdomen. You may feel cramps that are similar to spasms like childbirth, this is called Braxton Hicks contractions. There will also be pain in your body, so try to get as much rest as possible.

Baby development in 40th week of pregnancy

In this last week of pregnancy, almost complete development takes place and the child is ready to enter the new world. All his organs begin to function, although his lungs and brain develop, even after birth.

The child now develops the ability to fight against diseases called immunity, which is necessary for survival after birth. Even if you are not delivered at this time, the baby may weigh about 4.5 kg and the length may be about 21 inches. Apart from the skull, all his bones become hard. The bone of the skull remains soft for delivery. When he moves, your pain may increase.

Ultrasound in 40th week of pregnancy

This week’s ultrasound test shows your baby’s stomach and blood vessels. These blood vessels serve to bring nutrients to the placenta. Now soon you will be able to feed your baby in your hands.

Tips for 40th week of pregnancy

This should be the last week of your pregnancy, but it may be another week or two. You may be worried about thoughts about childbirth. Prepare for your child’s arrival. Take a lot of diapers and handwash to wash hands. Keep telling your friends and family about your situation. If possible, call your or husband’s parents to you at this time. Although it can be difficult, but do light exercise. This helps reduce pain and discomfort. Now you can have your delivery anytime and a lovely guest will be born in your yard.

Diet in 40th week of pregnancy

Anything you eat at this time affects the child. To cope with labor pain, eat more strong things and relax as much as possible.

  • Keep dry nuts and nuts in your bag to take to the hospital.
  • Drink fresh fruit juice, lemonade, coconut water etc.
  • Eat foods rich in carbohydrates like bananas, potatoes etc.
  • Include various nutrients like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, chicken etc. in your daily diet like every week.
  • Instead of eating more at once, eat small amounts of food more often.

40th Week of Pregnancy


Child development: By this time your fully grown baby may have grown from 19 to 22 inches tall and weighed 2.7 to 4 kg. At this time, the amount of fat in his body is the highest. Nails and hair are growing, lungs are fully developed, immunity is also developing, eyes are opened but eyes are still a bit blurred.

Your symptoms: You have completed 40 weeks of your pregnancy. You will be around your due date, so get the doctor’s advice that she asks you to be admitted to the hospital or to wait for the labor pen at home.

Whether you have to have a normal delivery or a caesarean section, a lot will depend on the position and size of your unborn baby. How much you are prepared for it also matters.

Labor pen: At this time, you will see the same symptoms of labor pains, which were seen after a few weeks. But in a way they were rehearsals of real labor pens, what would be the difference between fake labor pens and real ones.

During this time, contractions start from the upper part of your uterus and move downwards. They last for 15 to 30 seconds, sometimes even more. In such a situation you should change your position. Meaning if you are sitting then stand up or start walking a few steps. They will stop. If they do not stop and grow with time, then understand that your labor pen has started. Contact your doctor.

Hopefully you will have added the goods for yourself and your future child. If not, get them arranged with the help of a member and yes, do not forget to order sweets. Best wishes to you already.

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