Fourteenth Week of Pregnancy – What are the symptoms of 14th week of pregnancy

In the 9 month pregnancy you are in the fourth month, now five months are left. This week’s symptoms will give you relief but attention needs to be taken to protect yourself and your child from external infections and diseases.

Fourteenth Week of Pregnancy

Fourteenth (14th) Week of Pregnancy

You may feel a little comfortable during the fourteenth week of pregnancy because your body is adapting to internal changes that occur. During this week you enter the second week of the second trimester and almost the important stages of the child’s development are completed but it is still very important to focus on food.

In the 14th week of your pregnancy you will feel better after a long time. In the 9 month pregnancy you are in the fourth month, now five months are left. This week’s symptoms will give you relief but attention needs to be taken to protect yourself and your child from external infections and diseases.

  1. Changes in body during fourteenth week’s pregnancy
  2. Fetal development at 14 weeks of pregnancy
  3. Fourteenth week ultrasound
  4. Tips for conceiving at 14 weeks
  5. Diet of fourteenth week of pregnancy

Changes in body during fourteenth week’s pregnancy

The worst symptoms of pregnancy almost disappear from this time and with the increase in your weight, your waist also starts increasing.

Your appetite will increase from this week and you will think that you probably need to eat two people. But remember, do not forget to do this too because it can cause you to gain excess weight, which can cause risk. Your scar spots and scars will become darker and your breasts will become more sensitive due to milk production.

There may be new warts on your body but this is normal, there is nothing to worry about. The problem of changing mood quickly increases during this quarter. Talk to your husband or doctor in this regard.

Fetal development at 14 weeks of pregnancy

Eventually your child’s body also grows with the head. The ears and eyes return to their correct positions.

As the neck lengthens, your child’s chin begins to rise above the chest. Mass muscles continue to develop, but the mother will not be able to feel the baby’s movements even in this week because the baby is still too small for this.

The child receives all nutrients through the placenta. Therefore, at this time you need to pay more attention to your food and drink.

During the ultrasound you will be able to see your child closing his fist with his fingers closed and his fingers will also be completely separated from each other. Your baby’s heart will beat twice as fast as your heart beats, but this is a normal process.

By the 14th week, the baby becomes three inches long and about 28 grams. At this stage your child will suck his thumb and control of his facial muscles increases, meaning that he starts raising eyes, raising eyebrows like older people do in times of anger.

Apart from this, the baby’s liver starts producing bile whereas the spleen starts producing red blood cells.

Ultrasound of 14 week pregnancy

This week’s ultrasound shows the child’s head on the right side and his hands on his chest. Through ultrasound you can also hear your baby’s heartbeat, which is very fast.

Although some parents try to find out about the sex of their child by looking at the genital organs through ultrasound tests during the 14th week, it is often too early to identify the child’s sex. After a few more weeks, the sonographer is able to tell the baby La Ling.

However, one should not even try to find out the gender of the child and in India it is also illegal to find out the gender of the child. The process has been banned by the Parliament of India in 1994 and an order has been given for arrest if caught while doing so.

Tips for conceiving at 14 weeks

As mentioned above, your appetite increases this week, so it is important that you eat properly and do the necessary exercises correctly. If you feel that you have gained too much weight then you do not have to reduce your food intake because doing so may decrease the nutrients required for your child’s development.

To control weight, start an exercise routine by discussing with a doctor and make sure you eat a small amount of food more often in a day rather than eating more at once.

Diet of fourteenth week of pregnancy

At this time, consume more of iron and calcium rich foods. Consuming iron during pregnancy does not cause anemia, because iron increases the number of red blood cells. Calcium provides you with the necessary energy. The 14th week diet is the same as the 13th week diet.

  1. Consume more calcium-rich foods such as milk and milk products, etc.
  2. Minimize caffeine intake. (Read more – Pregnancy Diet Chart)
  3. Consuming vitamin C rich foods like lemonade, orange juice, etc. provides iron.
  4. Take sprouts, soy, dry fruits, etc. for breakfast.

14th week of pregnancy


Child size

Now the size of your child is equal to your closed fist. Its weight is also double i.e. around 48 grams. Hair has started coming on his head and body. His digestive system has also started working.

Symptoms of your 14th week, In your 14th week, you will see some such symptoms:

Pelvic pain

It is also called round ligament pen. This is because of your growing uterus. In this, there is light, sometimes mild pain on one or both sides of the lower abdomen. Contact your doctor if you have more problems.

New energy

Shook, after three months you will feel a new wave of energy inside you. This is due to the level of hormones stabilizing. You have time to do some shopping for yourself and your little guest.

Great hunger

The nausea has stopped, so now you must be feeling hungry. But keep in mind that you have to eat a little more healthy food or else there will be a problem of heartburn, BP can also increase.

Bloating of the feet

You may have seen this symptom earlier, but now the veins become more pronounced. So do not stand for too long, continue walking in the morning and evening so that the circulation of blood in the body continues without stopping.

Shiny hair and skin

Another beautiful side effect of pregnancy is thick, shiny hair and face. This is due to hormones and nutritious food during pregnancy.

Overall enjoy this period of pregnancy. There is going to be a lot of responsibility in the coming time, so take some rest now. Periodically visit your doctor and get the necessary checkups done.

Pregnancy by Month & Pregnancy by Week

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  2. Second Month of Pregnancy:- Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8, Week 9.
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  4. Fourth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 13, Week 14, Week 15, Week 16, Week 17.
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  7. Seventh Month of Pregnancy:- Week 27, Week 28, Week 29, Week 30, Week 31.
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