Fun things to do during Pregnancy, 12 best things for fun

Regardless of the journey of pregnancy, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how many problems are there in this period. Despite all this, it is the most beautiful journey in life for a pregnant woman.

Fun things during Pregnancy

During this time, she feels her baby in the womb moment by moment, sometimes talks to her, loves her a lot. This is to say that a pregnant woman has become a mother even before the birth of the baby.

Fun things during pregnancy

If you want, you can fill this journey with more thrills. You can imprison these moments in your memory. The question is how? Pregnant women usually stay away from any kind of risky work. This is necessary for both the unborn child and the pregnant woman. But this does not mean that you cannot do funny things during pregnancy. Here we are telling you about some similar activities, by which this journey will become even more interesting.

12 Fun things to do during Pregnancy

  1. Photo memory is a beautiful way to save memories
  2. Combine every moment in a scrapbook
  3. Have fun shopping
  4. Make some new changes
  5. Have fun with partner
  6. Go to babymoon
  7. Find the baby’s name in an exciting way
  8. Give the house a new look
  9. Ask the partner to talk to the unborn child
  10. Expect something special
  11. Do lots of things with your mother
  12. Must have sex with partner

Following are the best Fun things to do during Pregnancy in detail:

1. Photo memory is a beautiful way to save memories

Nowadays, clicking photos has become a trend. So why stay away from it during pregnancy? However, as the days of a pregnant woman climb, the shape of her body changes. In such a situation, most pregnant women avoid being photographed. While looking at it, you will find that in this stage, you have never looked as beautiful as before.

So, to have fun in life, do a photo session. Ask your partner to take a lot of photos of you at this stage. Do not wait for the last quarter to take photos, but do photo sessions every quarter. With this you will have memories of the moments step by step. If you want, you can also take help of professional photographer for photo session. Take your partner along for the photo session. These times are memorable not only for you but also for your partner.

2. Combine every moment in a scrapbook

If you are not used to writing a diary, make a scrap book. It can be interesting to make a scrap book in the journey of pregnancy. You must be thinking what to write in a scrap book or what photo to put? Do not worry. In the scrap book, you put those pictures which you have taken during pregnancy. If you want to make the scrap book more interesting, then take a photo every week for this. Stick that photo in a scrap book.

Along with this, it will be fun to write some things in your mind in the scrap book. In fact, many such things revolve in the mind of a woman during pregnancy, which she cannot share with anyone. Write such things i.e. the untold things of your mind. Please also write the words of the partner in the scrap book.

Understand, for example, that the partner must have touched your stomach while feeling your child during pregnancy, he must have said something for your child emotionally, take those moments in the scrap book of your words. Believe it, these kinds of things will make your pregnancy journey even more beautiful.

3. Have fun shopping

You never know how many times you have shaping. Sometimes for herself, sometimes for her husband, sometimes for her family. But have you ever thought that now your body shape is going to change.

Week by week your body is going to take a new shape. Why do not you do something that you have not done yet. This time, do not consider shopping as an essential thing. This time put fun puts into shopping. Include clothes of different sizes in shopping. However, clothes purchased during this period will become unusable after delivery.

Therefore it is better not to buy more expensive dressage or you can give these dressage to any needy after delivery. Apart from this, if you wish, you can also keep these dressage as a memento. When you grow up, you can show your child how you have celebrated the journey of pregnancy. However, buy some funky (other than traditional dressage) dressage at shopping.

Buy such dressage for your partner too. After all, they too have to enjoy this time. In addition to dressings in shopping, include shoes, bags. Go shopping with someone with your mind. If you want to make a team of friends or go out on a fearless shopping with mother and mother-in-law.

4. Make some new changes

However, in this journey of pregnancy, you are new every day. You would never have felt so much motherhood, so much love, as you are doing these days. Still some women get tense about their size. They feel that they are not looking good anymore.

First of all, if you think like this then obviously you will be upset. So get away from this type of thinking. Now, if you want to thrill in this journey, then change yourself. Sometimes changing oneself also has to go towards positive direction. You go to the beauty parlor. Take beautiful hair cuts, get a manicure-pedicure done. Pay attention to your face.

Buy new jewelery Of course, when you make such changes in yourself, you will feel happiness from inside. It will look like you have discovered a new ‘I’ in yourself. Happier than ever, more energetic than before, more lovely than ever.

5. Have fun with partner

In a few months, you are going to be a mother soon. Surely you must be feeling so much overwhelmed by that feeling when your child is in your hand. But it is not right to forget your present in the coming happiness. Always involve your partner in your happiness.

Spend time with them. Talk to them a lot. Say something about yourself, some theirs and some children. Go to a place like museum, art gallery or go for a picnic with a partner. These days, insist on doing something that has not yet been done. Tell your partner that these days he should take care of you more than normal days. He should do a lot of things with the child in the womb. This develops an emotional relationship of the father with the child.

In this way, a special relationship between the three ie you, father (husband) and child can flourish.

6. Go to babymoon

You must have heard a lot about honeymoon and you must have gone. Before going on a honeymoon, you will have to do a lot of planning with your partner, where to go, what to do there, what to wear, what kind of clothes to keep in the bag, how to choose shoes. Even the bag must be purchased together with the partner. In the same way, the trend of babymoon is going on all over the world these days.

You will be surprised to know that different packages are being given for babymoon in resorts around the world. Then what are you waiting for? Add a new sweet memory to your journey of pregnancy. Pick up the bag, choose the right place to babymoon and go for a walk with your partner. Yes, keep in mind that where are you going, how is the weather there, how is the hospital facility there. Well these days, it is better to go around the place around the house. Likewise, take full care of your safety while traveling. Keep the necessary medicines with you.

Do not choose such means of transport, which can spoil your health. If there is no vomiting or nausea on the way, you must first contact the doctors.

7. Find the baby’s name in an exciting way

Have you ever thought how fun it can be to name a baby? These days, most parents want to give their child a name that has a special meaning. This is the reason why parents study deeply to keep the best name for their child.

Search the Internet Many parents look for a good name for their child even in a foreign language. Envoy this process of finding names. Understand by example. Ask your partner to list your favorite names. Similarly, you should also prepare your list of children’s names. After this, keep the two together. Choose the one that looks better from these names.

In this way, by taking part in name-picking activities, the feeling of the child being special and your parents becomes stronger.

8. Give the house a new look

It is also fun to give a new look to your home in the journey of pregnancy. Especially in the second quarter. Keep in mind that by the fourth-fifth month all the necessary organs of the child have developed.

Now whatever you do, your child will feel it. So give your home a look that the child likes. Use different colors in decorating the house, put small pots inside the room. Give the house a new look with children’s toys.

Your baby who is growing in the womb should feel right now that his mother is innovating for him every day. You too will feel inner happiness by doing something for the child.

9. Ask the partner to talk to the unborn child

Just as a child in the womb can feel his mother, he also understands his father’s touch. However, you may question how is it possible for a child before birth? While this is possible. When the father talks to his child, in response, the child in the womb kicks his mother, that is, shakes her legs in the mother’s stomach. It is a sign that the child knows and listens to his mother and father even while in the womb. So, to make your pregnancy journey even more interesting, ask your husband to take some time out of his busy daily routine and talk to the child. Keep in mind that the conversation is always positive.

10. Expect something special

Fatigue is common in pregnancy. Many times fatigue does not end even after getting full sleep. This type of problem can cause obstacles in the journey of pregnancy.

So do something that reduces these problems and relaxes you from inside as well. You can do yoga for this. This can keep you mentally and physically fit. Similarly, exercise can also be done. But keep in mind that exercise or yoga, in both the situation, take advice from the expert.

Do not participate in such activity if there is a risk associated with pregnancy. This is right for you and the child’s health.

11. Do lots of things with your mother

No matter how much you talk to someone in pregnancy, it is fun to talk to your mother. If you want to make this journey of pregnancy even more interesting, then talk to your mother a lot, ask all the questions related to pregnancy.

Take them with you to lunch or dinner. Take care not to include any third person with you. Being with someone else will not allow you to spend time with your mother.

Let’s go somewhere with mother. During this time ask them about their experience of becoming a mother. Also ask them what they had done till a few days before delivery and how they had prepared themselves for delivery. Believe me, the way your mother will give you advice or the information you give regarding delivery, no one else will be able to give it.

There will be not only information in their talk, but also for you and your future child. This journey of pregnancy will become even easier and comfortable with the help of his talk.

12. Must have sex with partner

Many pregnant women are surrounded by the fear that it is safe to have sex during this time? According to experts, having sex during this time is not only safe but also makes the journey of pregnancy more exciting.

All the problems of pregnancy are faded by this one action. As far as you are concerned that if the child does not get hurt during sex, then tell you that this fear is baseless. Your child is safe in the amniotic sac (amniotic sac). These days have open sex with a partner. With this you will always feel full of joy and stressless. This will also affect your child’s health. Also on your better relationship.

Overall, the point is that as much as you can in pregnancy, as much fun as you can, as much as you can love your partner, do everything. Only then your journey will be full of happiness. Believe this journey is very special. Do not leave anything lacking, listen to the mind, listen to the heart. The journey will cut smoothly.

What to eat and not to eat during pregnancy?

The time of pregnancy is very important. What women eat during pregnancy directly affects the child. During this time, it is very important to have a good and nutritious diet to keep the body healthy and healthy.

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