Go easy on the Newbie

Warm greetings, fellow science enthusiasts!

While the previous intern, Katie, romps about in the Alps, I, Calla, will be your Rocky Mountain blogger (does high altitude make for good science writers? The data suggests YES.). I’ll be signing in as Agent Utah, in reference to my home state, (though not in reference to Keanu Reeves’s character in what was possibly his most poignant film).

I just graduated from UMass Amherst (WHOOP) in May with a double BS in physics and astrophysics, with a little writing on the side. For my first job, I have been blessed with the task of keeping you folks entertained and informed. Let me know how I’m doing, and what you’d like to see. You’ll probably see me zooming in on a lot of astronomy articles, ‘cause they’re my favorite, but I’ll be sure to grab anything else that I find weird, interesting, important, or funny.

Here we go!

PS – If you don’t get that Keanu Reeves reference, you’ll have to IMDB it.

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