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GLAST Mission Inspires Classical Music Composer

Science Fair
Nolan Gasser has created a new work inspired by NASA’s Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) mission.
Swans on Tea
Cool video showing how to destroy expensive glassware using only the power of sound.
What Brendon Fraser and cohorts would see if they ventured into the real core of our planet.
Bad Astronomy
Uber-cool visualization of the magnetic fields that are all around us.
Greg Laden’s Blog
The marine biologist-turned documentary filmmaker talks about his latest film.
Not Exactly Rocket Science
A new study shows the mutual antagonism isn’t as bad as some folks believe. Bonus: some helpful tips for scientists on dealing with the media.
Video pairs Edgar Allan Poe’s “Sonnet: To Science” with music and nifty techno-visuals.

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