Hairstyle of Famous Indian Ladies: The great women of the country had big hairstyles

Hairstyle of Famous Indian Ladies

Talking about hair style, Indian style was considered to be the top and the top, but Indian cinema has given a different identity to hair style.

‘Yeh reshami julphe…’, ‘Na jhatko julf se paani’ and how many songs are there that tell the beauty of hair. The utility of hair has been like this since ancient times. Mata Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati all discuss long, dark, thick hair found in the Vedas and Puranas. Rani Padmini, Rani Lakshmi, Razia Sultan’s long hair are also narrated in history.

Aishwarya Rai - Hairstyle of Famous Indian Ladies

Talking about a style of hair, Indian style is considered to be twisted, braid, but Indian cinema has given different recognition from time to time, know when and what changes have come in it:

1. Devika Rani

Talking about the hair of Devika Rani, it would be said that the simplicity in the straight flat hair and a long ponytail is not in any style. Even today, this style can be seen in the grandmother’s hair.

Devika Rani
Devika Rani

2. Suraiya

After them, fashion came to Suraiya’s hair, for Suraiya it was said that Suraiya your hair ruined it. Scattered hair and strands on Suraiya’s forehead gave the hair a very sexy look, which was later adopted by heroines like Shakeela, Nimmi, Nalini Jayant, etc.


3. Nutan

The era of Nutan was between 40-50. Nutan was a great actress who adopted many styles in her time. The flat oil of ‘Vandini’ fell on the forehead, in front of your house, the hair cut from the forehead, and the open hair of ‘Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki’ was unique everywhere.


4. Madhubala

Madhubala was the heroine who was called Indian Venus in the cine world during the 50-60s. The two peaks of his thick thick hair and the hanging braid near the ear made the people crazy even today, it remained crazy even today.


5. Sadhana

Sadhana of the 60s was the heroine whose hairstyle made a different difference. The most surprising thing is that in front of Sadhana, the style of hair cut from the forehead was almost the same in all films. Even today people copy their style filled with innocence. Especially the hair of young girls are cut in cultivation cut style.


6. Jaya Bhaduri

In the 70s, Jaya Bhaduri gave a new look to the cine world with its simplicity. The azure-clad braid hanging down to her knees gave long hair a distinct identity. His style was further promoted by Vidha Sinha, Zarina Drift.

Jaya Bhaduri
Jaya Bhaduri

7. Sridevi

In the 80s, Sridevi’s colorful peak fell to her feet; This was the pat style of heroin of South’s films, which was further promoted by Jayaprada, Amla etc.


8. Dimple

When Dimple returned again in the 80s, her hair hanging up to her open shoulders brought out a different style which was then given a different look by Madhuri Dixit, Raveena Tandon, Karisma Kapoor.


There is a lot of hair style from the 90s till today. Today’s heroin also has the ability to adopt the high-slung saggy top of Sharmila Tagore in the 60s, then even small boy-cut hair. Aishwarya, Kareena, Katrina, Vipasha are similar actresses.

9. Indira Gandhi

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had an example of her hair. His one side hair whiteness kept a different kind of beauty in itself. Like him, his granddaughter Priyanka Wadera’s short hair also enhances her confidence.

Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi

10. Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi, who has been the Commissioner of Police, has cut her short boy hair today and has made her mark in the police department.

Kiran Bedi
Kiran Bedi

In the end, it will be said that hair styles change every moment and will change. But in every change, we will inspire others.

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