Happy Birthday PRL!

Physical Review Letters, the world’s most prestigious physics journal, turns 50 this year. So of course, we had a birthday party and cake at the March APS meeting in New Orleans. We were also supposed to have two types of green drinks at the party’s bar – Green Monsters and Emerald Ladies – in honor of the journal’s green cover. Unfortunately, a shortage of Creme de Menthe prevented that little bit of color. Although, how a hotel could run out of such a useful drink ingredient is beyond me.

PRL managing editor Reinhardt Schuhmann (we just call him Reiny)kept the party going as he serenaded passers by who happened to stumble on the PRL booth in the New Orleans convention center. I’m not sure what people thought of his rendition of Lyle Lovett’s “She’s no Lady, She’s my Wife.” It’s a great song, and Reiny plays it well, but Lyle’s a bit obscure for most folks.

In this picture, he’s playing my Rainsong guitar. It’s made entirely of graphite. Physicist John Decker started Rainsong after learning the ins and outs of graphite cloth construction in an industrial lab somewhere.

Reiny also chaired a session at the meeting that featured several talks about the history of the journal. He’s a multitalented guy.

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