How do I submit my website to Google Search Console?

How do I submit my website to Google Search Console?

If you have to submit your website in Google Search Console, first you login it, after that you will get the add property option where after clicking you have to enter the URL of your website, google search console provides your verification method. That you download the HTML file, upload it in the root folder of your hosting, after uploading, click on Verify, your search console will be verified.

How to get your website in Google search result?

To rank your website in Google search result, you have to do SEO of your post so that your website will be on 1 page and you will do SEO.

There is a way to everything, in order to rank a blog, something has to be done properly.

Whatever I tell here, I will tell from my experience. I recently created a blog, and one of its posts is ranking on the 1st page of Google

So let’s know how they do it.

If the blog is new, whichever topic you want to write on, you should like the keyword with the least competition and high volume. This will make it easier to rank new blogpost.

For kewword you can use free tool google keyword planner, for paid tool you can use ahreaf or semrush. Most bloggers use ahreaf.

After finding the keyword, you must use the keyword in your blog’s title, meta discription and h1 tag.

You also use the keyword in the middle of the post. But don’t fill your post with keyword.

Within the post, you interlinking and outboundlinking your blog, it is very important to rank the post.

Try to write your post as long as you can, Google or any search engine gives priority to long posts first.

Write the post so strongly that the person reading it, after reading your post, should be taught something new.

After writing the post well, you should share it on social media. Go to the question answer website like quora and answer according to the post. This will help you in getting the blogpost ranked.

After this you pay attention to the backlink. According to your post, make a backlink from a big website. It must be kept in mind that make backlink according to your post, not make backlink from any website.

After following the things written here, be patient and see that your posts will start to rank slowly.

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