How much money do YouTubers make in 2020?

Hey, in terms of Youtube Adsense it really depends on how many people view your videos and watch your ads. This is how much I make on Youtube. There are other ways Youtubers can also make money as well such as affiliate marketing, sponsorships/brand deals, merch and their own courses.

How much money do youtubers make

How do people earn money from YouTube?

Well, many teens especially of my age come across a certain time when we want to earn money. Then we find ways to do that. We google “How to make money online?”, “ How to make money from home?” and the list goes on.

When I searched all this on the internet, I came across this concept of making money through YouTube. And I researched in this subject and I got to know that yes we can make money through YouTube. (i assume that you know how to use a computer and have one.)

So, how it is done? (Read it full and carefully)

Creating a YouTube channel

Speaking about YouTube channel. Everyone has a Google account. Go on YouTube and sign in from you Google account. When you do that it’ll ask you to give a name to your channel. Give your channel a suitable title. Then verify your channel using your phone number. You are done making a YouTube channel. Now at the top right hand side of the screen, from where you sign out you’ll find a button which says “Creators Studio” click on that. Now browse through the page. Do the required settings. And enable monetization.

Create and upload Videos

Now that you’re done creating a YouTube channel and you’re done with the settings. Create content. Create quality content which people will love to see and share.

There can be many different contents. Here are some :-

  • Technology related videos
  • Music videos
  • Tricks
  • Tutorials
  • Tips
  • Reviews
  • Reactions
  • Funny videos
  • Animations
  • Short films
  • Vlogs
  • Gaming videos

And the list goes on. Choose the one which perfectly suites you. And create. Yes there are no limitations for ideas to make videos.

Let me elaborate on some few content types.

1. Music videos.

If you are a singer and want to showcase your talent then hire people or train yourself to create your own music videos.

2. Videos related to technology, tutorial, tricks tips.

These videos have a higher demand. Because of the increasing market in technology new and complex gadgets are being introduced. You can make videos reviewing them or tutorials on how to use them. This is a broad topic.

3. Reactions

You can react on some popular stuff on YouTube or any other social media platform. Viral videos are the best once to choose. Film yourself watching them, react and give feedback.

4. Vlogs

Vlogs are basically videos which include your personal life. As in you film your life event and make a short video out of it.

Now there are many topics to make videos on, chose one and start making, Things to keep in mind.

To make good quality videos you’ll have to learn video editing, graphic designing, animation, film making and many more things. Learn some softwares to make your videos.

Be creative and persevered. You can’t succeed at just one video you’ll have to be making more and videos.

After creating and uploading monetize.

Monetize your videos. You’ll have that option while uploading or in the video manager. By doing that you let Google display advertisements on you videos. Google has a feature called Google adsense which which use your Videos or websites to promote people or brand. When you let Google display advertisements you get paid for it.

How much do you get paid?

It depends on many factors and conditions. The number of views on your video help you earn. Per 1000 views (for example) where advertisement has been displayed YouTube pays you x. So you’ll get money for letting Google display advertisements on your videos.


When your channel starts to grow and you have a larger audience you can take sponsorship deals from big brands. They pat you in exchange of using there product or advertising it.

What is the minimum earning on YouTube?

First of all, YouTube is not paying to any chennels. YouTube channels get paid by its partner program called Google AdSense. Google AdSense paying channels for running ads on their videos.

Anyone can link Google AdSense to their YouTube channels and monetize their videos. After earning 100 dollars, one can transfer it to their Bank account.

So the minimum money that YouTube channels can earn is 100 dollars.

What are the minimum requirement for earning money from YouTube?

There are three – fours basic requirements earning from YouTube…

  1. Subsscriber must be atleast minmum 1000
  2. Must have 4000 hours watch time for that particular channel
  3. Have good content so that viewers must get knowledge and must have good wathing experience means like vs Dislike ratios.
  4. Last but not the least have no copyright content before apply for review else monetization will not be granted

These are few basic rules.

Thats it!

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