How much traffic should a blog website have to make money with Google Adsense?

How much traffic should a blog website have to make money with Google Adsense?

No, traffic does not matter for this, no matter what happens, just the layout of your site should be correct and there should be no content that adsense does not like.

Is traffic to the blog necessary for a new blogger to get permission from AdSense?

It is only people who call themselves pro bloggers but according to my experience, I have approved adsense on my blogs without any traffic, just some attention I am telling you….

  1. Your post should be 500+ words.
  2. Have at least 15+ posts on your blog.
  3. The theme of your blog should be very clean.
  4. Your blog should have tab of Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About Us, and Home.
  5. You must make a sitemap of your blog and submit it in Google Search Console.
  6. You keep writing posts until your AdSense is approved and you have done all this work, then you will get approval within about 10 days.

Let me tell you that if you have written well 4 to 5 articles related to the topic on which your blog is on, then you will get an account of AdSense within 15 days.

But one thing must be kept in mind that your blog must have a page of Privacy Policy, Contact us and About.

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