By the tenth week of pregnancy, your stomach has started showing, be prepared like this

How to dress up in tenth week of pregnancy

You are now in the tenth week of pregnancy. You must have experienced many new things in this journey so far. Some would be good or some bad. Now a new big change is waiting in front of you. Yes, we refer to your physical shape. As you may be feeling that your stomach has gone out a bit and the breasts have become heavier than before. In such a situation, obviously the right dressing matters to you.

Normally pregnant women feel that as their weight increases, their body size increases, they will not wear any kind of dressage. While it is totally wrong to think so. You can wear the dressage of your choice everywhere, whether at home or outside. You too can look good in party functions like other women. All you have to do is choose the right dress for you. But before that, before choosing any dress, it is also important to consider the fabric, the right way to wear it. It is not difficult at all.

Let us tell you how you can prepare in the eighth week of pregnancy so that you are not uncomfortable about increasing weight.

Pregnant women should wear comfortable clothes

Why should pregnant women wear comfortable clothes?

Before you ask why you should wear comfortable clothes, know if the clothes you wear can affect pregnancy? These days your body changes rapidly. The child develops rapidly especially after the eighth week. Therefore, the size of your stomach is also slowly increasing. Take care of your dressing sense from the tenth week of pregnancy. You should never wear such clothes which cause discomfort. Also, choose clothes that do not obstruct the development of the child.

As mentioned earlier, various changes are taking place in your body. It also includes hormonal changes. Skin becomes sensitive due to hormonal imbalance. As a result, your skin can easily cause allergies and rashes. In such a situation it becomes even more important to choose the right fabric fabric.

As you may have understood by now, nausea and vomiting are common in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you wear uncomfortable clothes, you will feel constant discomfort. Your health may be worse than this. You may also have problems like chest irritation, indigestion due to tight clothes. These problems can lead to vomiting and nausea.

Keep in mind that in this journey of nine months, you will go through all kinds of weather. It includes winter, rain and summer, all kinds of seasons. Many pregnant women complain of excessive heat and sweating during the summer season. In the same way, some pregnant women say that they are very cold in winter. According to experts, cotton clothes should be preferred during the summer season, especially during the day. Conversely, wear woolen clothes to keep yourself warm in winter. Understand that sleeping conditions change during pregnancy in the winter season, especially in the first trimester. Therefore, it is necessary to wear appropriate dress while sleeping. Choose open and soft clothes for this time.

How to choose the right clothes for the tenth week of pregnancy

Wearing the right clothes in pregnancy boosts confidence. With this, the pregnant woman looks even more beautiful. Here we are telling you what kind of clothes to choose for yourself-

Light colors and less embroidered clothing are better choices

Choose clothes with a very light color and low embroidery in pregnancy. Do not wear clothes that have a lot of design. You can choose traditional dressage. Instead of buying clothes from the market, a tailor can get her dress made. This does not disturb your budget either. Wear clothes that support your stomach. You will get rest. Keep your underwear normal too. You can choose designer lingerie if you want, but keep in mind that you are comfortable in it.

Take a size-friendly dress

Wear Maternity style clothes. That is to say, since your stomach size has increased in this week and gradually it will increase even more, so take care of clothes size. The cloth should be open – especially towards the stomach. If you do not like loose-fitting clothes, then choose clothes according to your weight. Wear a dress that is larger than your normal weight. Apart from this, also keep in mind that if you are not wearing very loose clothes, then choose a dress keeping in mind your weight every month. If possible, you have to buy new clothes for yourself every month. Your budget may also be affected by this.

What to Wear Working Pregnant Women

Women who are working should take more care of their dressing sense than domestic women. Dress codes are usually set in offices. In such offices, it becomes even more difficult for women to choose convenient clothes. But in this regard, talk to senior workers and choose comfortable clothes. If working women wear saris, make sure that they are not too tight. Likewise a suit, skirt or jeans. No tight dress is right for your health. Be vigilant about the tap as well. Wear a loose shirt and top.

Dress for exercise

As such, pregnant women are afraid to exercise. They feel that it may have a bad effect on the growth of the child or they may have an abortion. While light-weight exercise can be done with the advice of a doctor. It is also good for you and the child’s health. Wear the right dress while exercising. Take care that there is air in the dress and the fabric is going to suit your skin. If the fabric is not correct, body temperature can fluctuate. This is not right for your health. Your dress should be more flexible towards the stomach so that you do not feel any problem while moving.

Choose the right lingerie

By the 10th week, changes in your breast begin. Their size becomes larger than before. This means that the old size bra will no longer fit you. Anyway, wearing a very tight bra is not right these days. Choose a loose bra for yourself. These days it is more convenient to wear loose bra. Like other clothes, keep in mind the fabric of the bra.

Wear these days

The interesting thing is that you can wear leggings at any time. It is definitely tight in appearance, but always comfortable after wearing. You do not even need to wear high heels with lagging. The specialty of lagging is that you can wear it with flats too. You will be surprised to know that there are special designer leggings for pregnant women in the market. However, most new mothers claim that the lagging is so comfortable in itself that there is no need for different types of lagging. Lagging can be worn before pregnancy, during pregnancy and even after pregnancy. This means that it is the best option for the tenth week of pregnancy.

Loose taps

These days many types of loose taps exist in the market. Their length is so much that they touch the bottom of your hips i.e. thighs. Open from the front. It also has a variety of designs that give you a beautiful look. These tunics are available in the market in the name of long tank top. The interesting thing is that after wearing it, you don’t even see the bulge of your stomach. You can wear it by matching it with leggings. Try not to wear jeans under such a top. If you have to wear jeans then wear loose jeans.

Maxi Dress

These days the maxi dress is popular. From teenagers to older women, this dress is very much liked. It is also a great choice for pregnant women. Its specialty is that you can wear maxi dress during pregnancy and also after pregnancy. In this way, it is a great dress for the tenth week pregnancy. While buying this dress, you do not even need to take care of your body shape and size. Yes, like other dressage, take care of the fabric in it too.

Open and loose coats

The coat can also give you a good look during pregnancy. Keep its buttons open from the front. This has two advantages. One, your personality will emerge and second you will not feel suffocated. You should wear any designer top under the coat. After this, keep the coat open from the front. You will also feel better by this. These types of dresses are now available every season.

Enjoy the tenth week of pregnancy. Do not compromise with fashion too. Wear only dressage in which you look beautiful. Along with this, your personality emerged. Keep in mind that there are many hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy, due to which you look a lot more attractive than before. Your skin also glows. In such a situation, choosing the appropriate dressage for yourself is like putting beauty in the moon. Just take full care of your convenience and inconvenience in it and live this journey openly.

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