How to Plan a Physics Party

It’s June, the academic year is over, it’s time to celebrate! For those of you mad about physics or graduating with a physics degree at any level, how about a physics-themed party? We’ve compiled a few ideas below, but feel free to get creative and let us know your ideas in the comments. The world has far too few physics parties.


Credit: Marvin via Flickr
  • Scatter some chalk boards covered in equations around the room (or make your own with black paper and a silver sharpie). Better yet, leave the most famous equations half blank and challenge your guests to complete them. 
  • Red, green, and blue balloons can be quarks of different colors. Balloons are also great for creating static electricity, and demonstrating buoyancy (if some are filled with helium and some with air).
  • Lava lamps to demonstrate buoyancy (or make your own!)
  • Credit: Wicker Paradise via Flickr
  • Black lights give off ultraviolet light and cause phosphor-containing objects to glow. These objects include white t-shirts, teeth, fingernails, and tonic water
  • Glow sticks.
  • Place heavy objects on a trampoline to demonstrate the curvature of space and time.
  • If the party is outside, hang CDs in the trees and let them diffract light from the sun.


Credit: Galaxy Zoo blog


  • Make a tub of non-Newtonian oobleck out of cornstarch and water. It’s a solid if you jump on it and a liquid if you stop.
Credit: Tamela Maciel


    Happy June and Happy Physics!

    By Tamela Maciel, also known as “pendulum”

    Top image credit: Shaun Fisher via Flickr

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