Ice ‘n’ Roll

I’m not sure I can top all the lead-ins I’ve heard for this band:

The Coolest (Literally) Band at Live Earth?

Ice ‘n’ Roll: Live Earth From Antarctica

Scientists face blizzard of Live Earth publicity

Warm-up band is ice cool for Live Earth

In case you have no idea what the word play is all about, this “unknown Antarctica band”, composed of 5 scientists stationed British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station, will be performing for a worldwide audience this Saturday as part of Live Earth.

According to Rolling Stone‘s Rock & Roll Daily,
When organizers looking to stage events on every continent learned they couldn’t land commercial flights on Antarctica due to its fierce winter weather, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) suggested that rather than bring in outsiders, Live Earth hire the research team’s house band, Nunatak.

And so they did.


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