Whether or not to drink lemon-water(lemonade) in pregnancy? It is safe to drink lemon water in pregnancy

Pregnancy has to take great care of the health of mother and child. During pregnancy, pregnant women are also advised to eat many nutritious things and take care of themselves properly. Pregnancy often involves eating sour foods, including lemon. Lemonade is a drink that gives instant energy to the body and pregnant women are in great need of energy during pregnancy.

Lemon Water or Lemonade During Pregnancy

It is believed that women who drink lemonade during pregnancy face fewer problems during delivery. If you are also pregnant and confused about consuming lemonade during this time, do not panic.

Lemon-Water(lemonade) During Pregnancy

Today, we will tell you through this article whether drinking lemonade during pregnancy is really beneficial or it can cause some harm.

  1. Benefits of drinking lemonade in pregnancy
  2. Disadvantages of drinking lemonade in pregnancy

1. Benefits of drinking lemonade in pregnancy

Women who drink lemonade during pregnancy face fewer problems during delivery. If you are also pregnant and confused about consuming lemonade during this time, do not panic.

Following are the benefits of drinking lemon water during pregnancy:

Relieve Constipation

Pregnancy women often suffer from constipation. According to the book ‘Natural Pregnancy Cookbook’ written by Sonali Rudar, drinking one glass of lemonade daily in pregnancy can relieve constipation. Lemon stimulates the liver and improves digestion, allowing the toxins present in your body to drain easily.

Increases immunity

Commonly occurring infections like cold, flu and fever can be avoided by consuming lemonade in pregnancy. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which helps in fighting the bacteria and viruses present in the body and enhancing immunity.

Fetal Development

Lemonade is rich in magnesium and calcium, which strengthens the mother’s bones. These minerals obtained with lemonade also reach the fetus. Lemon contains potassium which provides nourishment to the brain cells and nerve, along with it also helps in the development of fetal bones.

Eases delivery

Childbirth is a very painful and stressful situation for a pregnant woman. If you drink honey mixed with lemonade in pregnancy, it can reduce the pain during delivery. Use this remedy from the 5th month of pregnancy till delivery.

Reduces food craving

We all know that food cravings are a lot in pregnancy. At this time, women like to eat a lot, which includes both healthy and unhealthy things. During pregnancy, women feel like eating many things, some of which are harmful to eat during pregnancy. Lemon can help you avoid craving unhealthy things. For this, do not use lemon directly, rather drink lemon juice mixed with water or you can eat lemon juice on any fruit.

2. Disadvantages of drinking lemonade in pregnancy

During the last weeks of pregnancy, most pregnant women often have chest irritation and other gastrointestinal problems. Lemon is very acidic, which can lead to more serious problems. If you are having any such problem in pregnancy, do not consume lemon till these symptoms are cured.

What to eat and not to eat during pregnancy?

The time of pregnancy is very important. What women eat during pregnancy directly affects the child. During this time, it is very important to have a good and nutritious diet to keep the body healthy and healthy.

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