Should we drink milk during pregnancy or not? It is safe to drink milk during pregnancy

In pregnancy, pregnant women have to take more care of themselves. During pregnancy, it is recommended to take nutritious diet and healthy foods, including milk. Drinking milk is considered very beneficial in pregnancy. Milk contains plenty of nutrients.

Milk During Pregnancy

According to a research, drinking milk in pregnancy produces a healthy baby. Today through this article we will tell you how beneficial is to drink milk in pregnancy and how it benefits the health of mother and child.

Milk in Pregnancy

Milk contains many nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and vitamin-D, so that drinking milk during pregnancy nourishes the mother and baby and also helps in the development of fetal bones. Milk is also rich in Vitamin-A and Vitamin-B.

  1. Benefits of drinking milk in pregnancy
  2. Safe way to drink milk during pregnancy

1. Benefits of drinking milk in pregnancy

Strengthens bones

During pregnancy, sufficient amount of calcium is required to fulfill the essential minerals in the fetus. Pregnant women 19 years and older need 1000 mg of calcium a day and pregnant women under 19 years need 1300 mg of calcium. A cup of fat-free milk contains 302 mg of calcium. Therefore, to meet the daily calcium requirement, it is advisable to drink 3 to 4 cups of milk a day.

Proteins for fetal development

Protein strengthens the uterus and improves blood supply and provides nutrition to breast and infant tissues. Pregnant women who do not consume the right amount of protein during pregnancy are at risk of being underweight at birth.

During pregnancy, pregnant women need 65 grams of protein per day. One cup of milk contains 8.22 grams of protein. If you drink three cups of milk a day in pregnancy, one-third of the required amount of protein in your body is fulfilled.

Vitamin-D protects the newborn from rickets

Taking vitamin-D in pregnancy reduces the risk of rickets and low weight at birth. Pregnancy requires 10 micrograms of vitamin-D daily for pregnant women. 3 to 4 micrograms of vitamin-D is found in one cup of milk, so by drinking 3 cups of milk daily, vitamin can be replenished in pregnant women.


According to a medical examination, some foods may worsen eczema conditions, including milk and dairy products. However, a study in 2018 has revealed that pregnant and lactating women include milk and probiotics in their diet, reducing the risk of eczema and other food allergies in infants.

2. Safe way to drink milk during pregnancy

  • Keep the ratio of milk and water to 2: 1 and use it for making milk shake and tea.
  • Drink warm milk into small sips. Do not make the mistake of drinking hot milk in a hurry.
  • Do not drink milk immediately after eating food.
  • A pregnant woman should drink about 3 cups of milk in a day. These should be consumed especially low-fat or non-fat milk.

Drinking milk in pregnancy is usually beneficial, but as we told you that you should avoid drinking hot milk because it can cause harm to your baby.

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