Whether or not to eat yogurt(Curd) during pregnancy? Can I eat curd during pregnancy

Generally, everyone knows the properties of yogurt(Curd), but hardly anyone knows how beneficial yogurt can be during pregnancy.

Curd During Pregnancy

Today, through this article, we will know whether we should eat curd during pregnancy. What are the benefits of yogurt during pregnancy?

Curd in or during Pregnancy

Yogurt intake during pregnancy is highly beneficial for health. It is rich in important nutrients like calcium and protein. Yogurt can be made from both pasteurized (free from harmful organisms) and raw milk. Pregnant women are often advised to consume a good amount of calcium from different diets to develop baby’s bones, teeth and muscles.

  1. Benefits of eating yogurt during pregnancy
  2. Disadvantages of eating yogurt during pregnancy
  3. How and how to eat yogurt during pregnancy
  4. Precautions to eat yogurt during pregnancy

1. Benefits of eating yogurt during pregnancy

Eating yogurt during pregnancy has the following benefits:

  • Magnesium found in yogurt is an excellent natural remedy to prevent preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a condition of high BP, which occurs during pregnancy and can cause seizures.
  • Vitamin A found in yogurt helps in keeping the eyes healthy.
  • Yogurt contains iron which is effective in preventing anemia.Also, yogurt is rich in vitamin C which helps in absorbing iron in the body.
  • Yogurt helps in the development of the fetus’s brain and nervous system during pregnancy. Yogurt is found in plenty in vitamin B (vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12) and folate which is essential for fetal brain development.
  • Curd is beneficial in maintaining normal BP levels during pregnancy.

2. Disadvantages of eating yogurt during pregnancy

Our intestines contain hundreds of different probiotic bacteria that help our digestive system function smoothly. Digestive power is weakened during pregnancy, which can increase the risk of constipation.

3. How and how to eat yogurt during pregnancy

Yogurt has all the necessary nutrients, it is sufficient to consume about 600 grams of curd a day during pregnancy but do not eat more quantity of curd at once. It would be better to eat 200-200 grams of curd three times a day.

Yogurt can be eaten as raita, smoothie, lassi, curd-sugar etc. Every person has a different taste, so anyone who likes the taste can eat it.

4. Precautions to eat yogurt during pregnancy

Take the following precautions when eating yogurt during pregnancy:

  • Curd made from pasteurized milk is more beneficial for pregnant woman as it is full of important nutrients.
  • Low-fat yogurt is better.
  • To control weight, use less sugar in yogurt.
  • Do not eat cold yogurt immediately after removing it from the fridge, eat it only when the temperature of curd is normal.
  • Since curd is cold, curd should be avoided at night.

Although curd does not have any significant disadvantages, but still the over-extraction of any food item should be avoided as excessive intake of curd can be harmful. Curd or any other food item should not be included in the diet of a pregnant woman without the advice of a doctor.

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