Whether or not to eat tamarind in pregnancy? Can I eat Tamarind during pregnancy

Talking about diet and nutrients consumed during pregnancy and it is impossible to ignore tamarind. Eating tamarind is very common in pregnancy. Generally in pregnancy, women feel like eating sour fruits like tamarind or tamarind.

Tamarind During Pregnancy

Tamarind is a very tasty fruit that is used in many dishes due to its taste. Tamarind also has medicinal properties. Tamarind is rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, potassium, iron, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin k as well as many other minerals.

Tamarind in or during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, no woman can stop herself from eating tamarind but does she know whether tamarind should be eaten during pregnancy?

Today we will know through this article whether tamarind should be consumed in pregnancy or not? What are the advantages and disadvantages of tamarind? Whether or not to eat tamarind is safe during pregnancy.

  1. Benefits of eating tamarind in pregnancy
  2. Disadvantages of eating tamarind in pregnancy
  3. How and how to eat tamarind in pregnancy
  4. Precautions to eat tamarind in pregnancy

1. Benefits of eating tamarind in pregnancy

Following are the benefits of eating tamarind in pregnancy:

  • Consumption of tamarind helps in reducing swelling and muscle pain around the ankles.
  • Tamarind contains flavonoids and polyphenols which protect against gestational diabetes.
  • The potassium and sodium found in tamarind are effective in controlling blood pressure levels.
  • Consumption of sweet tamarind in pregnancy provides relief in constipation.
  • Due to the digestive properties of tamarind, it helps to overcome the problem of dysentery.
  • Tamarind containing antioxidants is also capable of preventing cancer.
  • Tamarind pulp is also effective in increasing appetite during pregnancy.
  • Consumption of tamarind in pregnancy also prevents nausea and morning sickness.

2. Disadvantages of eating tamarind in pregnancy

Just as a coin has two sides, if a food item has advantages, then there are also disadvantages. Tamarind is a good source of vitamin C but high intake of vitamin C also has harmful effects on pregnant women.

Eating tamarind in pregnancy can cause the following disadvantages:

  • Excess of vitamin C may cause miscarriage.
  • Excess intake of vitamin C increases the chances of premature labor and also damages the fetal cells.
  • Eating tamarind can cause an imbalance in the blood sugar of a pregnant woman.
  • Consuming too much tamarind can damage blood pressure.

3. How and how to eat tamarind in pregnancy

One cup of tamarind pulp contains 3.36 mg of iron. Pregnant women need 27 mg of iron in their daily diet, 12 percent of which is supplied to one cup of tamarind pulp. Tamarind is also used in many recipes. If you want to avoid direct consumption of tamarind then you can eat any dish made of tamarind. Many women like to eat tamarind as dry as pickles. If you want to eat something different, tamarind chutney can also be eaten.

4. Precautions to eat tamarind in pregnancy

Take the following precautions while eating tamarind in pregnancy:

  • Tamarind affects some medicines like paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin, so if a pregnant woman is taking these medicines, they should either avoid taking tamarind or consume tamarind 24 hours after the use of these medicines.
  • Usually, tamarind is easily available in the market, but the tamarind found in the market is mostly open but avoid such open tamarind.
  • Avoiding too much raw tamarind should be avoided.

Like all other foods, consuming tamarind in limited quantity is beneficial. Regularly checking the level of blood sugar and blood pressure during pregnancy should be done by eating tamarind. If anyone is having any problem with eating tamarind, then it should be stopped or it is advisable if medical advice is taken.

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