Is SEO Important for Blogs and Websites?

Is SEO Important for Blogs and Websites?

Sorry but maybe you do not know the full translation of this, that is why this question asked it means if search engine optimization is not there then our website will not be visible in the search engine due to which it will not make any sense because it will see someone other than us. Will not get So yes I have put my website in Google Yahoo Bing etc. search engine which will bring many users to it, that is why there will be some meaning to create a blog, otherwise it will be useless.

Apart from this, you can also know on this link that you can bring the website on Google in such a time and what else will have to be done.

SEO means search engine optimization. This is used to rank any website or blog in the search engine.

If you do not know this, you can never get your website or blog post ranked.

If you can’t get ranked then no traffic will come from google or bing.

And for your information, about 60% to 70% of traffic on the website or blog of Betadu comes from the search engine itself.

So by this you will have come to know how important it is.

Without SEO, you cannot survive in this field.

So before going into this field, get the information of SEO.

So that you don’t feel disappointed later.

If you want more information about SEO, you can ask us.

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