Leptons and Bosons and Quarks, Oh My!

CafePress can be pretty sublime. Here some products I found that might make you laugh (or at least smile appreciatively).

Schrodinger’s cat is dead” t-shirt. Everyone’s favorite thought experiment….

“Honk if you passed P-chem” bumper sticker. I’m partial to this one, since I recently passed P-chem

Alcohol and calculus don’t mix: never drink and derive t-shirt. I always thought math and beer went well together…

Carbon Dating t-shirt. Alright so this is a little cheesy…

My other car is made of dark matter bumper sticker. One of the better bumper stickers

Resistance is futile coaster.
Obviously everyone needs this coaster

I’m not lazy, I’m overflowing with potential energy sweatshirt.
Clever, clever

Ohm-m-m-m-m-m-m electrical engineering meditating bumper sticker. For some reason this made me laugh

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