The Limit of post in a day in blogger – No BurnOut, SEO

Blogger has purposefully set the limit to 50 to prevent abuse.

If you have to post 500 blog posts per day, Blogger is not the platform for you. You may use alternative platforms.

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Limit of post

There is no ‘right’ after the amount, and depending on how much content it is ideal on your posts, you want to target anywhere between 3-5 times a week. If it takes a long time to produce content (such as heavy images, videos, or others) for a position, aiming for blogging at least once a week.

Limit of post in a day on blogger

Posting schedule

As far as quantity is concerned, you can create your own posting schedule. If you have in-depth knowledge of your selected niche and have several years of experience, you will not find it difficult to create 3 to 4 posts in a week. However, if you are not a master of your niche, you should focus on building necessary skills to create quality content.

Blog Content

There are several bloggers who write only one post in a month and still manage to earn from their blog. The reasons that they know How to Create Unique and Useful Blog Content .

Lenght of post

Focus on quality rather than quantity. Quality content stands a better chance of ranking higher in search engine results. Moreover, you are most likely to drive organic traffic if your content is high in quality.

Content optimization

However, blogging is not just about just about content writing. It also involves content optimization, content marketing, and networking. Content marketing is as important as content writing. You must spend more time building networks, reading quality posts and marketing your content.


Burnout is a psychological term that refers to long term expiry and low interest in work. Burnout has been eclipsed for the result of old business tension. However, there is growing evidence that its etiology is multiplied in nature, with the dispositional factors that play an important role.

Despite its great popularity, the burnout is not accepted as a different disorder, neither in the DSM nor ICD-10. This is especially due to the fact that the burnout is for depression-borne disorders.

In comparison to the symptoms of depression in the study that burned straight out workers and clinical patients, no clinical significant differences were found among the two groups: Reported as many depressive symptoms as burn workers outside the clinical depressed patients.

In addition, a recent study by Bianchi, Schonfeld, and Laurent has shown that about 90% of the burnt burners meet clinical criteria for depression, that instead of burnout there is a depressive syndrome from a new or different unit. Could. Clinical psychologist Harbert Freudenberger first identified the construction.

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