Nineteenth Week of Pregnancy – What are the symptoms of 19th week of pregnancy

You have come half way to your pregnancy. In the 19th week, you will have to face problems due to increasing weight. This is normal.

Nineteenth Week of Pregnancy

Nineteenth (19th) Week of Pregnancy

The nineteenth week of pregnancy is a very important week for both the mother and the child because at this time there are many important changes within them. At this time of pregnancy, that is, by the second trimester, the pregnant woman keeps pace with her pregnancy and body changes and starts to understand them.

Coming in 19th week of Pregnancy means that you have completed half your journey. You may not see any significant change in your previous symptoms, but the real changes are happening in your unborn child. Let’s see how this week is special for both of you.

  1. Body changes in 19th week of pregnancy
  2. Baby development in 19th week of pregnancy
  3. Ultrasound in 19th week of pregnancy
  4. Tips for 19th week of pregnancy
  5. Diet for 19th week pregnancy

Body changes in 19th week of pregnancy

In the nineteenth week of pregnancy you will see more changes in the outer parts of your body. Your skin may become dry and flaky due to increased metabolic rate and blood volume.

The likelihood of dehydration or dehydration and your sensitivity to heat will increase. Therefore, the body needs adequate fluids. In this situation water is the best source, as well as stay away from caffeine as much as possible.

Caffeine increases blood pressure and heart rate and also has an effect on the child. Sodas, fruit juices and sweet drinks can cause dehydration rather than replenishing liquids. Do not consume artificial sweeteners.

Cocoa butter is very good for preventing stretch marks, and a good pregnancy diet also helps reduce skin problems.

Baby development in 19th week of pregnancy

Before the 19th week your baby was measured from head to hips, but from this week onwards it will be measured from head to toes.

Now the length of the child is seven and a half inches and the weight becomes about 200 grams. The baby seems to be bigger than it was last week. His arms and legs begin to grow in proportion to the body. Hair begins to appear on the head and skin. A smooth layer called Vernix is ​​also formed and provides protection to the skin.

The child’s ability to hear is also almost fully developed. If you have a baby girl growing in your womb, then at this time there are more than 6 million eggs in her ovaries.

As his bones become stiff and muscles strong, the child will also become more active. You will feel his movements more often but during this time the child sleeps for about 20 hours per day. And the child becomes more active when the mother has to sleep or rest. You will also notice that your child is afraid of loud noise or noise.

Ultrasound in 19th week of pregnancy

Your baby’s legs and arms are developing and muscles work together. From this week or the next week, you will start feeling the movements of the child. You will see the baby’s bones very clearly in the ultrasound.

Ultrasound has many reasons to show a child’s skeleton and bones. First of all, his skin is still transparent (visible across). As he develops, his skin layers will become thicker as he grows. Other tissues such as muscle and fat are still under construction. Due to all these not being fully developed yet, his bones look so clear.

Tips for 19th week of pregnancy

This week of pregnancy, your baby’s ear and hearing capacity becomes more developed. So try to keep your surroundings quiet as the noise can cause discomfort to the child. This is an appropriate time for your husband and other family members to talk to the child, so that the child begins to recognize their voices.

Try to keep your skin as smooth as possible using lotion etc. By doing this, the chances of getting skin related problems are reduced.

Diet for 19th week pregnancy

In the 19th week of pregnancy, the hormonal glands are developing along with the eyes and brain of the baby, so you should consume omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, iodine, etc. more and more.

  • Omega 3 is found in fatty acids, tofu, walnuts, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, fenugreek, eggs and milk.
  • Eat oily fish at least twice a week.
  • Iodine is found in shrimp fish, meat and eggs.
  • Keep the quantity of beverages balanced. Your body requires a lot of moisture.

    19th Week of Pregnancy


    Development of your baby

    At this time the size of your child has become equal to a mango. It will be about 15.3 centimeters in length and weighs around 240 grams. Her kidneys must have started making urine. A protective layer is forming around her skin which will keep her skin moist.

    Your symptoms

    You will have pain all over the body at this time. You are having this problem due to increasing belly weight. Know about these symptoms:

    Cramps in the legs or cramps

    There is a simple solution to cramps in the feet. Drink enough amount of water. Instead of drinking empty water, drink shikanji, coconut water or fruit juice.


    You may be having problems with fatigue. In fact, the hormone progesterone, which plays an important role in pregnancy, widens your blood vessels. In the coming time, about 50 percent blood in your body will be more than normal. It will take some time for the body to adapt to this new condition.

    Back pain

    During this time, you have gained weight. Its direct effect is on your waist. The pain in the waist is the result of this. To cope with this, light exercise, walking, avoiding standing for long time, reclining pillow, sitting on one’s back, all these precautions have to be taken.

    Sudden heat

    You will suddenly feel a strong heat. I would feel like the sarae on the body take off clothes and jump into the water. This may be due to the excess of hormones and more blood circulation in the body. The solution is to avoid eating more spicy, oily spices, wear light and loose clothes, bathe both during the summer season. Be sure to drink water.

    The remaining symptoms will remain.

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