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We’re all in Denver this week at the largest physics meeting of the year – the American Physical Society’s March meeting.

Why is it called the APS March meeting? To distinguish it from the APS April meeting, which takes places in April (except the year that the April meeting took place in May and the year the March meeting took place in February). I keep telling them that they need a better name.

SpaceKendra, PhysicsBabe, and I ( Buzz Skyline) will primarily be posting over at our meeting blog –

Although the names of the meetings don’t tell you much, the March and April meetings cover very different topics.

The March meeting is chock full of materials science, nanotech, semiconductors, energy and biophysics (just to scratch the surface of the 7000 presentations here).

The April meeting includes more astrophysics, gravitational waves, and particle physics.

Drop by, and we’ll let you know what fun and exciting stuff we’re up to.

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