Pregnancy by Week – Symptoms, Child development and physical changes

In this page we are going to discuss pregnancy Symptoms, Child development and physical changes by week. So let’s start:

Pregnancy by Week

Pregnancy, also known as conception, is the time during which one or more offspring develop inside a woman. A multiple pregnancy involves more than one child, such as twins. Pregnancy can occur through sexual intercourse or assisted reproductive technology. Pregnancy can end in a live birth, miscarriage or abortion, although access to safe abortion care varies globally. Childbirth usually occurs about 40 weeks after the start of the last menstruation. This is just over nine months, where each month averages 31 days.

Pregnancy by Week

First Week of Pregnancy

Whether or not there is pregnancy, it is very common for women to fret. In such a situation, between six to eight weeks of pregnancy, when the body does not show much change, then with the help of these symptoms it can be detected whether there is pregnancy or not. Although it is better to identify and test them instead of doing pregnancy based only on these symptoms, you can definitely be aware of their help.

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Second Week of Pregnancy

In the second week of pregnancy, there are problems like fatigue, vomiting. Swelling and cramps also occur in the hands and feet. Most women have no idea that this is happening because of pregnancy.

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Third Week of Pregnancy

The third week of pregnancy is the time when most women come to know about their pregnancy. During this time the first glimpse of the child is also seen with the development of the mother. By the third week, there has been a lot of change in the lifestyle of women.

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Fourth Week of Pregnancy

If you still doubt whether you are pregnant or not, first confirm your pregnancy. If you do not have menstruation, experience nausea and vomiting or hormonal changes after having unprotected sex, contact a gynecologist immediately or have a pregnancy check-up at home. Both are better ways to confirm pregnancy. According to doctors, after having unprotected sex, you should take a pregnancy test for 21 days or a week after the period does not occur.

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Fifth Week of Pregnancy

By the time you enter the fifth week of pregnancy, you start feeling like having no menstruation, home pregnancy test etc. and some pregnancy related problems like morning sickness, pain, breast discomfort, fatigue, dizziness etc. All this is an important part of the 5th week of pregnancy. This week’s ultrasound shows the baby’s presence in the womb.

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Sixth Week of Pregnancy

Entering the sixth week of pregnancy means that you have already crossed half of the first trimester. Certainly the child grows and develops, due to which many changes take place in your body as well. From this week, the shape of the stomach also changes. During this time, the pregnant woman starts feeling all the symptoms of pregnancy. And all the tests of pregnancy also have positive results.

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Seventh Week of Pregnancy

By the seventh week of your pregnancy, many changes are happening to you and your baby. At this time you are in the middle of your first trimester. If you have not contacted any obstetrician by this time, then do this work in this week. Because from this time some important tests and check ups will be required to get you done till the birth of the child. The gynecologist will advise you about.

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Eighth Week of Pregnancy

Many things happen during the eighth week of pregnancy. Although many women schedule their first appointment with the doctor during the sixth and seventh weeks, doctors sometimes recommend waiting until the eighth week or two periods for this appointment. Only then do we recommend to conduct the investigation etc.

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Ninth Week of Pregnancy

During the ninth week of pregnancy, you and your baby are undergoing rapid changes. If you have not yet contacted your doctor, then now make sure the date of first prenatal examination is done by the doctor.

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Tenth Week of Pregnancy

The risk of congenital abnormalities in the baby decreases after the tenth week of pregnancy. But after entering this week, the risk of abnormalities or deformity is not completely eliminated, but the most important weeks of its development are over. Continued care and therapy can increase you in the weeks leading up to pregnancy.

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Eleventh Week of Pregnancy

During the eleventh week of pregnancy, the mother and baby undergo many changes. The mother may have heard the baby’s heartbeat by this week, and some symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness, etc. are gone. Pregnant woman should take less work out of this week and walk out of the house at night.

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Twelfth Week of Pregnancy

Twelfth week is an important week for a pregnant woman. This week marks the end of the important phase of your child’s growth and development with the first trimester. Most pregnant women feel more safe to share this news to everyone after the completion of pregnancy for three months (12 weeks). If the mother eats the right food, stays healthy, exercises and follows the orders of all the doctors, then the chances of miscarriage also decrease after coming to this stage.

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Thirteenth Week of Pregnancy

By the thirteenth week of pregnancy, your first trimester is complete and in the thirteenth week you enter the second trimester. But you still have to take a long time, so to stay healthy, eat the right food and exercise accordingly so that you can deal with the symptoms of pregnancy. The second quarter time is numbered from the 13th week to the 28th week, which is approximately the fourth, fifth and sixth months. ‘Almost’ because some months have 4 weeks and some have five.

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Fourteenth Week of Pregnancy

You may feel a little comfortable during the fourteenth week of pregnancy because your body is adapting to internal changes that occur. During this week you enter the second week of the second trimester and almost the important stages of the child’s development are completed but it is still very important to focus on food.

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Fifteenth Week of Pregnancy

Women need to rest a little more during the fifteenth week of pregnancy and the second trimester. Most of the bad pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, morning sickness, and fatigue, are reduced day by day. But the pain you feel shortly before delivery is not felt, so enjoy your pregnancy right now and contact the doctor immediately if you feel any kind of problem.

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Sixteenth Week of Pregnancy

During the second trimester, you have to undergo several tests to know if there is any problem in pregnancy. If there is a chromosomal abnormality in the child, it can be detected by these tests. So get your prenatal check done periodically.

The second trimester is sometimes called the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy. You will feel yourself that you will start getting more sleep and sleeping more this week than in previous weeks.

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Seventeenth Week of Pregnancy

By the 17th week, you start to feel more comfortable with your pregnancy and understand the symptoms of pregnancy, then you also learn to deal with them. Your stomach also now looks like a pregnant woman.

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Eighteenth Week of Pregnancy

During the eighteenth week of pregnancy, some women have increased appetite. So at this time, you should try to eat healthy and nutritious food which contains high amount of fiber. For this, read our article What to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy. This will help you know nutritious and balanced diet for this time.

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Nineteenth Week of Pregnancy

The nineteenth week of pregnancy is a very important week for both the mother and the child because at this time there are many important changes within them. At this time of pregnancy, that is, by the second trimester, the pregnant woman keeps pace with her pregnancy and body changes and starts to understand them.

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Twentieth Week of Pregnancy

The 20th week of your pregnancy is the middle of your second trimester. By this time you may have experienced symptoms of fatigue, morning sickness, nausea and other pregnancy symptoms, but you may still experience some fatigue and pain. There are many exciting changes in your child during this week.

By the time you reach your 20th pregnancy, you may be suffering due to your increasing weight. Your weight will have increased by about 4 kg and this increase will continue at the rate of one kg every two weeks.

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Twenty First Week of Pregnancy

During the 21st week of pregnancy, the mother and child begin to recognize each other well. This week, you have already crossed half of the second trimester of your pregnancy. Hence from this week on, it becomes important to pay more attention to food as well as exercise.

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Twenty Second Week of Pregnancy

Many external changes occur in the mother during the 22nd week of pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses towards the middle or end of the second trimester, you and the baby also develop rapidly. By this time, you mostly stop feeling the symptoms of pregnancy. However, new symptoms such as pain etc. are still felt, but in case of more problems, consult a doctor.

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Twenty Third Week of Pregnancy

Both mother and child should gain weight during the 23rd week of pregnancy. The woman should go for antenatal check ups regularly to know her and the health of the baby. As the second trimester ends, it becomes necessary for the doctor to do these tests.

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Twenty Fourth Week of Pregnancy

At the 24th week of pregnancy, the end of the second trimester and the beginning of the third trimester are near. The child should not have any complication in the birth, so regular check-ups should be done. Get a glucose test done to check gestational diabetes as it happens only during pregnancy. Approximately 2-5 percent of pregnant women suffer from it, so this test is done between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy.

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Twenty Fifth Week of Pregnancy

If you have not yet performed a glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes, you should take this test now. Your doctor will also recommend having this test done, which is usually done between 24-28 weeks.

Anemia or iron deficiency in your blood can also be investigated. Depending on the type of environment you live in, you may also be given a whooping cough vaccine.

If your blood type is Rh negative, you may also be vaccinated. This is an ideal time to go to pregnancy classes, if you have not started going, then you can start it from this week.

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Twenty Sixth Week of Pregnancy

As you approach the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy or near the end of the second trimester, you may feel very good one day and have some difficulty the next day. But it is normal to happen due to many changes occurring within your body.

At this time doctors will prescribe your screening test for anemia, gestational diabetes and RhoGAM injection. These injections are given to women whose mothers have a blood type Rh negative to protect them from Rh allergies and antibodies to Rh positive blood type in the child.

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Twenty Seventh Week of Pregnancy

The 27th week of pregnancy is a very important week for mother and child. It marks the end of pregnancy or the beginning of the third trimester. As pregnancy comes closer to the delivery date, the wait for parents, grandparents, siblings, other family members and friends, etc. begins to increase rapidly.

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Twenty Eighth Week of Pregnancy

If you are in the 28th week of your pregnancy, it means that your pregnancy has completed 7 months. Now only two months are left. Right now your child is also developing rapidly. You have to take care of his movement throughout the day even after your physical discomfort. Move the child at least 10 times a day, or say that the child should move at least once every two hours. If you find a reduction in this or more frequent movements, contact your doctor immediately.

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Twenty Ninth Week of Pregnancy

In the 29th week of pregnancy, your growing child is forcing both your body and your mind to start preparing for post-delivery responsibilities. The weight of the child will increase rapidly till delivery, so start focusing on the common symptoms of the child with you.

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Thirtieth Week of Pregnancy

During the third trimester and thirtieth week of pregnancy, you may experience more difficulties. Now only a few more weeks are left for the completion of your pregnancy, but you start eagerly waiting for your delivery date. Actually this happens with every pregnant woman, so be patient and contact the doctor immediately if you have any problems.

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Thirty First Week of Pregnancy

From the time you enter the third trimester, your weight and your baby’s weight have been steadily increasing. Eating a balanced diet (which contains high amounts of fiber to benefit constipation) and drinking more fluids such as water or juice etc. is important in this last step. Keep going to your doctor for regular checkup and ask them all the questions that arise in your mind.

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Thirty Second Week of Pregnancy

As you enter the eighth month or 32nd week of pregnancy, you begin to feel ready for the birth of a child. At this time, maintain the habit of eating and exercising regularly. Get more and more rest and go to the doctor’s clinic at your appointments. Follow all the instructions given by the doctor and do not do any hard work during these last weeks of pregnancy.

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Thirty Third Week of Pregnancy

You will experience different symptoms during the 33rd week or third trimester of pregnancy. The doctor can now call you for a more regular checkup. Especially when there is a possibility of any risks or complications in your pregnancy.

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Thirty Fourth Week of Pregnancy

In the 34th week of your pregnancy, you will be tired due to increasing weight, problems like high BP and insomnia. Your delivery date is also getting closer, so relax more and more. The symptoms of this week will also be similar to previous weeks.

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Thirty Fifth Week of Pregnancy

As soon as the 35th week of pregnancy begins, some women start worrying about delivery. Talk to your doctor about this. Doctors can now make quick appointments to monitor the health of you and the child more closely. If you have not started exercising kegel yet, start doing it now. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic muscles for delivery and help you to bear the increased pressure caused by the baby in that area.

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Thirty Sixth Week of Pregnancy

Comes in the 36th week of pregnancy i.e. 9th month. The date fixed by the doctor is also based on this week. Now your baby can be born anytime between 36-40 weeks. Although it is a very exciting time, it can also be a time of worry. You should now go to the doctor every week for a health check-up of your pregnancy.

At this time all women should undergo Group B Streptococcus test. This bacterium is usually found in healthy women, but if it passes into the baby at birth, it can cause serious infections in the lungs. By conducting these screenings during the 36th week, you can find out if these bacteria are inside you and if they can be treated with antibiotics to prevent these infections during childbirth.

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Thirty Seventh Week of Pregnancy

By the time you reach 37th week, you are nearing the end of ninth and last month of pregnancy. Now don’t take stress at all and try to relax at home for maximum time. Now you can give birth anytime, so try to keep your mind calm and relaxed.

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Thirty Eighth Week of Pregnancy

Many different changes occur during the 38th week of pregnancy. At this time both mother and child are ready for delivery which can now happen anytime. At this time pregnant women may suffer from anxiety, so talk to the doctor about any negative thoughts.

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Thirty Ninth Week of Pregnancy

If you are in the 39th week of pregnancy, now you can have your delivery anytime. Enjoy these last moments of your pregnancy as you will face new challenges after becoming a mother. Now you can have labor pain at any time. You keep doing your daily tasks, but keep in mind that the child can be born at any time, so do not work hard work at all.

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Fortieth Week of Pregnancy

As you enter the 40th week of pregnancy, you may be worried about childbirth, which is also natural. It is a happy and exciting time, but it is also a challenging time for you. During this time, enjoy these last moments with your child, prepare for her arrival. Now it will be in front of your eyes very soon. Although some gestures go beyond the 40th week, in this situation doctors adopt the procedure of Induced labor for delivery.

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Pregnancy by Month

  1. First Month of Pregnancy
  2. Second Month of Pregnancy
  3. Third Month of Pregnancy
  4. Fourth Month of Pregnancy
  5. Fifth Month of Pregnancy
  6. Sixth Month of Pregnancy
  7. Seventh Month of Pregnancy
  8. Eighth Month of Pregnancy
  9. Ninth Month of Pregnancy

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