Pregnancy Diet Chart or Diet plan during pregnancy

Essential Nutrients during Pregnancy
Pregnancy Diet Chart

Adequate nutrition for mother and child is very necessary before and during pregnancy. It has a great impact on the health of both. Pregnant (female) women are affected by various factors such as environmental, genetics, social and economic factors. All of these also have an effect on your child. So these factors do not have much impact on the health of the women who are well nourished before conception.

Maternal nutrition in the first trimester plays an important role in fetal health because all neurological development occurs only. Lack of nutrition or malnutrition in your body can cause abnormalities in your child. On the other hand, overweight women are more likely to have problems like gestational diabetes and high BP in pregnancy.

That’s why you need to have the right diet chart during pregnancy, so that all the nutritional requirements of you and your unborn baby can be met. Next, we have told you three such pregnancy diet charts – one for every trimester. Also, we have also told how much quantity of nutrients should be taken in pregnancy.

  1. Nutrition requirements during pregnancy
  2. Pregnancy diet chart for first trimester
  3. Pregnancy diet chart for second trimester
  4. Pregnancy diet chart for third trimester

Nutrition requirements during pregnancy

During pregnancy the requirement of nutrients increases manifold and it varies in every stage. For example, a normal 50 kg woman needs 1875 calories / day, while 2175 calories / day is necessary in pregnancy.

The list of essential nutrients is as follows:

Nutrient Amount Required For Normal Women Amount Required For Pregnant Woman
Protein 50 g / day 65 g / day
Calcium 400 mg / day 1000 mg / day
Iron 30 mg / day 38 mg / day
Iodine 100-200 μg / day +25 μg / day
Folic acid 100 μg / day 400 μg / day

Folic acid: Folic acid is required for the synthesis of DNA and RNA and for the formation of red blood cells. The mother should start consuming folic acid before conception.

Iron: Iron deficiency may occur in women during pregnancy. Therefore, proper intake of iron is very important in pregnancy. Low iron levels can cause problems such as premature labor and low birth weight.

Iodine: Iodine is an essential mineral that we get from food. During the development of infants and young children during pregnancy, there is a high risk of iodine deficiency. It is essential for the production of thyroid hormones, which regulate body temperature, metabolic rate, reproduction, growth, blood cell production, and nerve and muscle functions.

Calcium: Calcium is important for the formation of baby bones and teeth. Dairy products and some fish like sardines can be consumed.

Protein: Protein is a very important nutrient for the formation of human cells. Protein is an essential part of the pregnancy diet. Make sure to consume protein in the diet three times a day.

Pregnancy diet chart for first trimester

In the first trimester of pregnancy, you should eat folic acid rich foods as well as take folic acid supplements. In addition to this, there is a need to consume high amounts of iron-rich foods that help your baby’s red blood cells to build up.

Vitamin B6 is required to deal with the morning sickness felt in this quarter. You have to reduce your intake of caffeine. The diet plan given below is designed keeping in mind all these essential nutrients during the first quarter.

Pregnancy diet chart for second trimesterFoods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are very beneficial for your child’s brain development. Calcium and vitamin D help in the development of baby’s teeth and bones. Beta carotene is very important for healthy skin and clear blood. And you need more iron during pregnancy. Do not consume tea or coffee with iron rich foods as the tannin in them makes the absorption of iron in your body difficult. Keeping all these things in mind, the diet plan for the second trimester of pregnancy is as follows.Pregnancy diet chart for third trimesterYou need a lot of energy during the third trimester of pregnancy. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting, which is needed after the birth of a child. Drink more iron and less caffeine. You need 200 – 300 additional calories at this time. The Pregnancy Diet chart for the third quarter is as follows:Pregnancy by Month & Pregnancy by Week

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Day Breakfast Fruits Lunch Evening Dinner
Monday Chokryukt (whole) toast tomato and cheese wheat ( Cheese) with , Musnbi juice guava Lentil pulse , tinde vegetable , mint paratha Sattu drink , bhutta Gram flour ( Gatta) vegetable , Luffa vegetable , Roti , Rice
Tuesday Salted porridge , tea Chiku Coconut Rice , Fenugreek greens , Roasted Papad , Bread and Rice Lassi , peanut Kadhi , Cumin Potato Vegetables , Bread and Rice
Wednesday Peeled moong dal , Mint sauce , A glass of milk banana Chaulai Greens , Tomato Sauce , Yogurt , Millet bread Amla juice , Green Moong or Sprouts Spinach Cheese , Lotus cucumber , Jowar flour bread
Thursday Cheela made from a mixture of vegetables and gram flour , Mango leaf Apple Soybean vegetable , Parwal Potato Vegetable , Cucumber Raita , Buckwheat bread Coconut water , Roasted chickpeas Chole , Radish vegetables , Pomegranate Raita , Bread and Rice
Friday Potato Pea Poha , Apple juice watermelon Raw banana vegetable , Koftas , Turnip greens , Mint raita , Jowar roti Lemonade , The nuts Pea Potato Vegetable , Pumpkin vegetable , Pudi
Saturday Whole wheat toast with mushrooms , a glass of milk Mango / Papaya Mustard greens , Jaggery and yogurt , Missi roti Pomegranate juice , Sweet potatoes licking Mix lentils , Bean vegetable , Millet bread , Pea Casserole
Sunday Cheela made from a mixture of vegetables and semolina , Buttermilk Grapes / Pears Kidney beans , Bitter vegetables , Yogurt , Cumin rice Jaljira , Dhokla Jackfruit vegetable , Beet vegetables , Bread and Rice
Day Breakfast Fruits Lunch Evening Dinner
Monday Sago and Peanut Upma , Coffee Apple Gram lentils , Bean vegetable , Yogurt , Bread and Rice Lassi , Boiled corn grains Vegetable Casserole , Sprouts Raita , Amiya ki chutney
Tuesday Suzy / oats simile , Beans and Peanuts , coconut water grapes Kadhi , Potato sesame vegetable , Bread and Rice Amla juice , Walnut Black gram vegetable , Capsicum vegetable , Bread and Rice
Wednesday Methi Paratha , Lassi Chiku / Banana Soya Pea Vegetable , Ladyfinger vegetable , Cucumber and Linseed Raita Tea , Khandvi (semolina dish) Jackfruit vegetable , Tomato , onion salad , Bread and Rice
Thursday Oatmeal , Walnuts and raisins , Milk Pomegranate Green moong dal , Gourd vegetable , Bread , Rice Bell syrup , Roasted chickpeas Lentils , Eggplant fills , Salad , Millet bread
Friday Tomato and Cheese Sandwich , Mangomilk shake Fig Masala Paneer Almond milk , Makhane Lobhiya vegetable , Pumpkin vegetable , Missi roti
Saturday Peanut and sago simile , Coffee papaya Polenta , Roasted Papad , curd Jaljira , Mix Vegetable Cutlet Kidney beans , Bitter vegetables , Pomegranate Raita , Bread and Rice
Sunday Poha , a glass of milk Apple or apple nut licking Mix lentils , Stuffed Brinjal Vegetables , Cucumber Raita , Bread and Rice Chole Chut , Buttermilk Spinach Potato vegetable , Radish greens , Bread and Rice
Day Breakfast Fruits Lunch Evening Dinner
Monday Oatmeal , Dates , Milk guava Potato Onion Paratha , Yogurt , Coriander and Mint Chutney Almond milk Lobhiya vegetable , Radish vegetables , Bathu raita , Bread and Rice
Tuesday Gram flour cheela , Mint sauce banana Gram lentils , Turnip greens , Yogurt , Bread and Rice Coconut water , gram Kidney beans , Mushroom vegetable , Missi roti
Wednesday Cottage cheese sandwich and mint sauce , Apple juice Dates Gourd koftas , Bitter vegetables , Bread and Rice Tea , Sprouts Radish parathas , Amiya (Mango) Chutney , Beet raita
Thursday Semolina pudding , Mangomilk shake Fruit licking Maize bread , Mustard greens , Jaggery Pomegranate juice , Chickpea Chaat Kadhi , Cumin Potato Vegetables , Bread , Rice
Friday Oats , Dates , Milk grapes Kidney beans , Ladyfinger vegetable , Yogurt , Bread and Rice Pineapple , peanut Soybean vegetable , Parwal vegetables , Salad , Buckwheat bread
Saturday Pea Poha , Lassi papaya Tur dal , Bean Vegetable , Amarus , Bread and Rice Tea , Sweet potato Tehri (Vegetable polenta) , Cucumber Raita
Sunday Fenugreek paratha , Lassi Pomegranate / Beet Urad dal , Tinde vegetable , Gram flour , salad Coconut water , corn cob Mushroom vegetable , Ladyfinger vegetable , Salad , Bread and Rice

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