Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: How to Cope

Recurrent pregnancy loss

When women experience pregnancy for the first time, do they realize how this is going to change their lives forever. The moment when you accept that a life is growing inside your womb and you are going to deliver it to this world soon, is a precious feeling!

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

It is a vague feeling that you go through during the pregnancy phase and it is normal to feel ecstatic about the same! While the stage of pregnancy and the moment of childbirth bring joy and happiness to every woman’s life, those who are unable to do so are definitely prone to sheer depression and stress.

In cases of infertility where either the female partner or the male partner is infertile (sometimes both can be infertile) it becomes difficult to become pregnant or able to conceive. Despite the frequent infertility treatment by experts, the possibility of positive conception is still zero due to extremely severe conditions of the female reproductive system.

While in the case of male infertility, you have the option of getting a sperm donor to perform IVF treatment procedures, in the case of female infertility, IVF treatment options vary depending on the condition of the woman associated with it. In short, if we look at the positive aspects, each infertile couple is expected to have their child through various IVF procedures.

Today we discuss how to deal with recurring pregnancy loss of women. Explore more below

1. First, find out the reasons that are causing pregnancy loss

Many times women who repeatedly suffer the loss of pregnancy or are unable to get pregnant take it lightly! They blame it on poor sexual performance or consider it normal! They also sometimes feel that not taking proper care of themselves during the stage can result in pregnancy loss.

But this is not always true! For example, you may suffer a miscarriage due to infertility issues or perhaps you have some clinical conditions that require treatment before you are able to carry a baby in your womb.

So until you are sure what exactly causes pregnancy loss, do not make any conclusions. Rather you should first find out the cause and take proper course to treat the same!

2. Talk to an infertility specialist immediately

It is not always that you can predict exactly why you are suffering pregnancy loss as mentioned in the previous point! Therefore, it is advised orally that you seek the help of a medical expert in this situation and ascertain what is the reason behind it.

When they know the reason, they will be able to provide you with the right guidance to resolve it. Many times these issues can be treated through medication and surgery while sometimes the conditions are irreversible and you may be permanently unfit in your womb to facilitate childbirth. So, in these cases it is very necessary to visit an infertility specialist!

3. Go to the necessary IVF treatment to make pregnancy successful or choose surrogacy to give birth to your baby

When a consultation with an infertility specialist is successful, it will guide you towards the next course of treatment. By then you will know if your condition is treatable or you will have to go through the IVF process to have a child.

Mainly when a woman becomes pregnant, it means that she is ovulating normally and her ovaries are in good condition. The woman’s normal conception resembles her proper ovary functioning and healthy gametes.

But when she suffers repeated pregnancy loss even after successful conception, it means that there is some problem in her uterus and womb. It is therefore necessary that you seek suggestions from experts in your condition and get necessary treatment based on your reproductive health conditions.

4. Do not stress too much and handle it easily

It is “easier than what was done”, but being stressed too much will only affect your pregnancy and IVF procedures that you are already experiencing. Complications in childbirth and pregnancy increase more when you are suffering from anxiety and stress.

Therefore, to deal with situations of recurrent pregnancy loss, you need to understand that taking too much stress to consider help; This will make the situation more complicated. Try to relax and calm everyone through the process and find peace to deal with the situation. Know that there is nothing to lose hope in this technologically advanced era!

5. Wrapping up

The joy of motherhood often wipes out the pain and sufferings of the long nine months of carrying the baby in her womb followed by a painful childbirth process. To every mother, her child is special, no matter in what way he or she is born!

So, even if a woman is going through the IVF processes to have her own child, she is still fully associated with the process and the emotion of the mother cannot be comprised in any way.

But the moment she faces miscarriage or concurrent pregnancy loss, it becomes difficult to cope with the situation. Often the reason behind such pregnancy losses are not known and miscarriages can happen without even your knowledge.

But the most common reasons for the same is a problem in the reproductive system of the mother like the inability of the uterus to carry the baby, infections in the internal reproductive organs which prevent normal child growth functioning, unhealthy uterus, etc.

It is due to these certain factors that women face miscarriage and hence even in repeated attempts they fail to carry on with a successful pregnancy process. In cases like these, infertility experts can provide help in every way possible. The IVF Treatment in Thane also offers every possible action to help women deal with such issues. Trust them the next time you face any such complications with your pregnancy!

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