Sixth month of pregnancy – Symptoms, Child development and physical changes

The sixth month of pregnancy is the last month of the second trimester. By now your stomach becomes quite large, as well as other parts of your body also grow a little. As your child develops, your body also grows. Changes in this month are discussed in this article.

Sixth Month of Pregnancy

Sixth (6th) Month of Pregnancy

  1. Baby growth during sixth month of pregnancy
  2. Changes in body during 6th month of pregnancy
  3. Things to know about sixth month of pregnancy

Baby growth during sixth month of pregnancy

The child becomes one foot long and about 680 grams in the sixth month. By the end of this month he is almost completely formed, however, his organs are still developing and the lungs have not yet developed to function on their own.

The baby’s head is almost proportional to its body and its face is fully developed. Although the child’s eyes are still closed, he can feel light and darkness.

The baby’s skin is no longer transparent as its body starts producing fat to keep it warm. His muscles start to strengthen, which you will experience when he kicks or kicks. His body is producing white blood cells which help him in fighting diseases.

Changes in body during 6th month of pregnancy

By now you may have gotten used to back pain, cramps in legs and legs. If you are still working without a pregnancy pillow or maternity support belt, buy it now because the discomfort may be felt more in the next quarter.

You may also experience swelling in the ankles and feet. Your shoes may also increase in size due to inflammation in pregnancy. During this time it is better not to increase the size so that you wear only shoes. Because like your stomach, your feet will not be short again after childbirth (or even if they are, in a few years).

From this month you will also notice that there is a vaginal discharge of yellow liquid, which is called leukorrhea. Indigestion, heartburn and hemorrhoids are also common problems.

Your uterus is moving upward without any pressure on the bladder, and so you probably don’t use the bathroom much now. You may feel Braxton Hicks contractions. These small contractions help prepare your body for the time of delivery.

Things to know about sixth month of pregnancy

By now your weight has increased by about 5-7 kg. Try to eat a healthy pregnancy diet, keep taking prenatal vitamins and keep yourself hydrated.

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, eat fiber-rich foods that prevent constipation during pregnancy. Now you can see stretch marks on your feet, breasts and stomach. After the birth of the child, they all get lighter, but do not go away completely. If you do not have stretch marks on your body, they may appear in the last months of pregnancy. Some women experience these last or a week before. In pregnancy, use skin care products such as creams and oils to reduce these scars.

Start buying baby clothes, diaper, crib etc. as your energy will be reduced to do all these things as time progresses. So start making shopping list of baby items.

Pregnancy by Month & Pregnancy by Week

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  2. Second Month of Pregnancy:- Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8, Week 9.
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  4. Fourth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 13, Week 14, Week 15, Week 16, Week 17.
  5. Fifth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 17, Week 18, Week 19, Week 20, Week 21.
  6. Sixth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 22, Week 23, Week 24, Week 25, Week 26.
  7. Seventh Month of Pregnancy:- Week 27, Week 28, Week 29, Week 30, Week 31.
  8. Eighth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 32, Week 33, Week 34, Week 35, Week 36.
  9. Ninth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 36, Week 37, Week 38, Week 39, Week 40.

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