Smart Hair Color Ideas: Hair color nowadays is not only a requirement of people but also a fashion

Hair color nowadays has become not only a necessity of the people but also a fashion, because it not only gives new color to the hair but also brings a lot of change in the appearance. But it is not so easy to adopt fashion, because its misuse can cause many losses. Therefore, it is very important to have complete information about hair color before use.

Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas

Although hair color is used to hide white hair, nowadays the trend of mix and match in everything has increased so much that now people are adopting matching funds in clothes and hair, for which hair color There is an easy way.

Experts say that the way hair color is growing nowadays is good for fashion but can also be harmful for hair, because hair after hair color demands a lot of care.

Due to the chemical present in the hair color, the hair can get spoiled and if the hair is not taken properly after the hair color, then the hair will definitely deteriorate.

Ways to bring hair shine
Ways to bring hair shine

Beauty expert says that despite knowing the loss of hair color, people want to use it. Apart from this, people often make a mistake. That hair color is not used keeping in mind the personality, the color that looks good is only adopted by him, which is wrong. It is not necessary that everyone’s color suits everyone.

‘Know the types of hair color before using hair color’

Types of Hair Colors

1. Temporary Hair Color

This happens for a special occasion i.e. it stays in the hair for a very short time. In one to two hair washes, the color of the hair becomes clear.

2. Semi-Permanent Color

Bean Permanent Colors are those in which molecules are used. Apart from this, if you have been instructed to wash in a few minutes after coloring in the hair color, then understand that it is a semi-permanent hair color.

It does not penetrate deeply into the hair, so its effect remains in the hair for six weeks, then comes back to its natural color.

3. Dummy Permanent Color

Dummy permanent hair color is used to keep the color in the hair for a long time. Its effect lasts for two to three months in the hair.

It does not use ammonia and paraoxide. This dummy is the best identification of permanent hair color. Hair and Shanti’s Hair Expert World Best Shanti says that the fashion trends include Deep Coffee Brown, Medium Ash Brown, Red Violet, Dishwater Blondie, Cool Ash, Blue Black, Soft & Pepper, Wine, Burgundy, Platinum Hair Color Are running

Which Color Suits You

You do not know how many hair colors are available in the market. But do you know which color would suit you? Because not necessarily every color looks good on you.

Hair Colour
Hair Colours’ Brand

Color should be chosen while harmonizing both fashion and personality. So let us know which color will suit you:

Type 1.

  • Eye color: black, brown, blue or gray.
  • Skin color: Wheatish or dark brown.
  • Hair Color: If the above eye color and skin color are one, you will love colors like Blue Black, Coffee Brown, Medium S Brown, Medium Golden Brown and Soft & Pepper.
  • Ignore: Ignore colors like Gold, Yellow, Red.

Type 2.

  • Eye color: brown, green, black or blue.
  • Skin color: Blonde.
  • Hair Color: Those with fair skin should use colors like Deep Brown with Gold and Red, Strawberry Blondie, Gray with Yellow Cast, Natural Golden Blandi.

Choose Hair Color AS Per Your Age

If you want to choose hair color according to age, then know which one will suit you.

For 20 years old

By the way, the use of hair color should not be started from the age of 20, because at this age one-half hair is white, then it should be avoided. But nowadays youngsters use hair color for fashion more than hiding white hair.

In youth, you like colors like red, wine, blue, black and gray blue.

For 30 years old

Burgundy is such a color, which looks good on every woman in this age, fair or fair. Apart from this, white women can use colors like deep brown, platinum, coffee brown.

For 40 years old

Upon reaching the age of 40, the hair becomes quite white. In such a situation, the use of hair color becomes not only fashion but also a necessity.

In view of age, give importance to color like black brown. This will also make the hair look beautiful.

For age 50

To hide white hair at this age, women have to force the use of hair color.

After 50, if white women use white streams with ashton and dark women use brown ton, it will be better.

Please Take Care of These Things

  1. Keep the hair clean and shampooing and conditioning it regularly.
  2. You can also use color boosters.
  3. Always use good branded hair color.
  4. If you want to use a new hair color in your hair and have already used any hair color, then do not use other hair color on it.
  5. Try to use only one or two shades on hair at a time. Do not use more than two shades.
  6. Read all the instructions given in the hair color pack thoroughly, then use it accordingly.
  7. You should choose a hair color that has a moisturizer and so that the hair is safe.
  8. Do not use the wrong things on your hair to remove color from it. They come in natural colors with time.

Hair Color of Celebrities

Katrina Kaif

When Katrina Kaif can use hair color beautifully, then how can ordinary people also stay behind in this fashion. Katrina has used Ash toned brown hair color with two shades of brown, which looks good only on fair skinned people.

Kareena kapoor

The use of fair complexion, intoxicating eyes and platinum brown hair color from above looks quite stylish. As our babes are looking. This is a color that looks good on both the white and the wheat.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya has used Golden Ash hair color in it, which is adding more beauty to her beauty. But while adopting this shade, keep in mind the color of your skin and eyes, because it is not necessary that this color will look good on everyone.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has used red hair color all over her hair, which looks quite different to see. But this shed does not look good on everyone and does not match with every dress. Therefore, she can use this color only for the party. You choose a hair color that matches with everyone.

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