Snakes Can Hear in Stereo (And So Can You! Listen to the Physics Buzz Podcast!)

A team of physicists recently confirmed that snakes listen with their jaws. Plus, those flexible jaw connections mean they can hear in stereo. Listen to the Physics Buzz podcast to learn more!

Caption:The horned desert viper Cerastes cerastes typically rests its head on the sand surface to listen for prey. An incoming sand surface wave sets the two independent sides of the lower jaw in motion which is then relayed through quadrate and stapes into the inner ear.

Hey Physics Buzz regulars! Sorry for the long delay (again) since the last post. That darn March Meeting is keeping us pretty busy, along with lots of other fun things. I hope the addition of a podcast will help you forgive us. There will be a few more in the coming weeks, so keep checking for updates.

Podcast Music: “Sweet Blossom” by Robin Stine, courtesy of

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