Somewhere over the rainbow meets GATTACA

I’m a sucker for a pretty picture. Especially a pretty science picture. This picture “is a mix between science, art and curiosity and represents our interests,” say the scientists that created it and the other pictures on DNA Rainbow. How’d they do it?

Remember the 4 DNA bases: A C T G? (Sorry, but every time I hear them all I can think of is Gattaca). Anyway, they assigned each of the four bases a different color and then ran DNA sequences using the colors.

Not only are these pictures pretty, but they’re also a unique way of displaying information which, as I’m sure you know if you’re a regular reader, I wholeheartedly approve of.

From their website: “Although scientists know already most of the sequence of the human DNA, the information the genetic code holds is not fully understood. Therefore we want to introduce a new idea to display and maybe better understand the code.” The pictures seem to show patterns and structures…it will be interesting to see where this idea goes.

One thing I find kind of odd about the site is that the “scientists” don’t identify themselves on their webpage other than “a person just graduated in biotechnology from university or a talented PHP web application developer with five years experience.” I wonder what that means.

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