Stop faking it!

I recently registered for a teacher workshop called “Force and Motion: Stop Faking It!” Turns out the National Science Teachers Association has a whole line of Stop Faking It materials for teachers. Although it was mildly demeaning to register for the workshop, like buying a “…for Dummies” book, I’m interested to see how it goes.

There has been a lot of emphasis in physics education research on identifying students misconceptions of physical concepts, but in my opinion, far too little teacher-friendly resources for overcoming them – especially at the middle and high school level. The best book I’ve found is Targeting Students’ Science Misconceptions by Joseph Stepans.

Regardless, I think NSTA has hit on a great theme. I’m hopeful that they’ll soon offer “Adulthood: Stop Faking It!” and “Work: Stop Faking It!” workshops.

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