Summer Hair Care Tips: How to take care of hair in summer

In the summer, more oil is produced in the oily glands of our hair. This oil keeps our scalp soft. In Russian, the amount of oil released from these glands increases. This also causes changes and imbalances in the composition of oil. Therefore, the problem of dandruff occurs in both dry and smooth hair. There are two types of Russian – dry Russian and oily Russian.

 How to take care of hair in summer

1. Dry Dandruff

Dry white scabies are formed in the hair in dry dandruff. Itching starts in the head and these scabbards keep on scratching or combing the head. This type of dandruff is often cured with oil massage.

Dry Dandruff
Dry Dandruff

Solution For Dry Dandruff

  1. For dry cough, mix one teaspoon of castor oil and one teaspoon of coconut oil, massage this oil with light hands on your head, then leave oil on your hair for half an hour and then shampoo it after that.
  2. Soak fenugreek in half a cup of curd and grind it finely and keep its paste properly to the hair roots for 2 hours, after which shampoo the hair.
  3. Mix lemon juice in the juice of neem leaves and leave it in the head for 30 minutes, then wash the hair.
  4. Applying a spoonful of almond oil and gooseberry juice on the hair does not cause dandruff and the hair does not become premature white.
  5. After massaging the coconut oil in the hair, soak it in warm water and wrap the squeezed towels on the head. Shampoo your hair the next day. Do this twice a week.

2. Oily Dandruff

Oily dandruff occurs mostly to those people who have oily skin. In this type of dandruff, microscopic white particles are formed in the head. These white particles spread throughout the hair while combing or scratching. There is a lot of itching in the head.

Oily Dandruff

Sometimes this type of dandruff is sticky to light yellowing. This causes bad smell in the head. Due to this type of dandruff persisting for a long time, hair starts falling thin and dry.

Solution for Oily Dandruff

  1. Clean your hair regularly with a good antidandruff, shampoo.
  2. After shampoo wash the hair with lemon juice or vinegar mixed water. This will remove smoothness from the hair.
  3. Do not use conditioner in oily hair.
  4. Do not comb too much and do not massage the head too much. This makes the oil glands more functional.
  5. Do not be too stressed, it increases dandruff.
  6. Soak 2 spoons fenugreek seeds in water overnight and make a paste in the morning and apply it to the hair roots and after half an hour shampoo the hair. Repeat this process twice a week.
  7. Apply a paste of Multani Mitti to the hair and dry it when it is dry. Multani mitti leaves the scalp of the scalp open due to oily skin, which clears the skin and removes oily dandruff.
  8. Lemon, mint, neem, basil and mehndi shampoos are most beneficial for oily hair.
  9. Avoid excessive use of hair dryer.
  10. Neem has antiseptic properties, so to protect hair from dandruff, wash your hair with boiled water after adding neem leaves. Otherwise apply a paste of neem and sweet neem leaves and wait for 15 minutes, then wash.

3. Losing Natural Shining of Hair

In summer, the hair loses its luster due to strong sunlight, daily running, pollution and lack of care.

Natural Shining of Hair

Solution of Losing Natural Shining of Hair

  1. Nutritious eating, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and exercising are very important to bring shine back into the hair.
  2. Use an umbrella or a hat while venturing out in the hot sun.
  3. Avoid excessive use of hair styling products in hair, hair dryers and other chemicals.
  4. Clean hair regularly with a good shampoo. ‘
  5. Apply hair serum to the hair, it also brightens the hair and also prevents damage from strong sunlight and hair styling products.
  6. Its effect lasts until the next wash. To apply this, first shampoo the hair and wash it with cold water so that the open pores are closed, then take four to five drops of hair serum and apply them in the hair and let the hair dry naturally.

Summer Hair Care Tips

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