Take special care of hair during pregnancy: 29 Simple Tips For Hair Care During Pregnancy

Take special care of hair during pregnancy, 29 Simple Tips For Hair Care During Pregnancy.

Simple Tips For Hair Care During Pregnancy

Simple Tips For Hair Care During Pregnancy

The feeling of becoming a mother is the most pleasurable feeling in any woman’s life, but when a woman conceives, from that time till the time of delivery, many kinds of emotions keep coming in her mind, which makes her smile sometimes. Sometimes she gets scared.

The reality is that these days a woman has to take great care of herself, because hormonal and many physical changes take place in the body at this stage. In this case, it is very important to take care of food and drink. In this state, there is a direct effect on health as well as beauty, but not equally on every woman.

Some women, during this period, feel tired and faded, wrinkles appear on their face and their body formation is unbalanced, hair loss starts, dark circles under the eyes and skin becomes brittle, while some women As if the beauty changes and they start looking more attractive than before. While it all depends on physical nature and psychological conditions, living, eating and other habits also have a direct effect.

Care of hair during pregnancy
Care of hair during pregnancy

Hair breakage problem

Hair loss and loss during pregnancy is a fairly uncommon activity. These days, physical activity is fast and it also has an effect on the hair, which leads to faster growth of hair.

  • It is also seen in many women that these days their hair becomes very shiny and the hair becomes thick, which makes them very happy, but many women complain that their hair breaks and falls at this stage. .
  • During this time, the women who complain like this usually have their hair fall in the oval and round shape. If there is such a complaint, you should contact your doctor immediately, because this also shows that the body is not getting the necessary minerals and vitamins.
  • In such a situation, immediately follow the advice of a doctor, or else it can adversely affect the health of you and your child.
  • These days it has also been observed that those who have oily hair become more oily and those who have dry hair become more dry.

Likewise, curly hair becomes straight and straight curly. Not only this, hair colors have an impact these days. Therefore it is very important to keep the diet balanced and pay attention to the cleanliness and care of the hair, so that this problem can be controlled to a great extent. Dr. Batra says, “The onset of hair fall can be related to any such change that balances and changes the estrogen hormone in your body.” Hair can fall due to any one or more reasons like – by stopping this hormonal style contraceptive method of taking birth control pills. Miscarriage or still birth, hormonal imbalance etc.

    Simple And Useful Exercise For Hair

    • One of the main causes of hair fall in modern times is stress. Do the following exercise at least once every day for a few minutes. Your stress will be under control.
    • Exercise increases blood flow to the upper part of the head and hair follicles are induced. This makes hair stronger.
    • Sit on the ground with a palathi. Keep your hands behind and bend in front and place the frontal in the left knee. Count to 10 Slowly return to the old position.
    • Repeat the same process. This time close the frontal with the left knee.
    • Repeat the same process and try to connect the frontal with the ground.
    • Do this exercise five times on both sides.

    ‘If you have hypertension or spondylitis, avoid this exercise’

     Once or twice daily, keep the fingers of both your hands firmly on your head without turning. (This makes the finger strong and firm). Do not press the hair, but keep the finger firmly in one place and rotate it for a few seconds. Now again, place your fingers in a new place and rotate the fingers round for a few seconds. Do this until the entire head is covered. Take a little more time in weak places.

    Sit on the ground with a palathi. Make sure your waist is straight. Close your eyes and relax. Slowly take a deep breath. Hold your breath for 10 seconds, now slowly exhale completely. Breathe again. Do this process 15 times.

    Sit on the ground with a palathi. Keep your waist straight and close your eyes. Close the right nose with the thumb. Take a deep breath in your left nostril and hold it for 10 seconds. Now close the left nostril with the index finger. Exhale slowly through the right nose. Repeat with the second nose. Do this exercise 10 times.

    Sit on the ground and keep your waist straight. Close your eyes. Move your neck slowly in a clockwise direction. Repeat 5 times. Now turn your neck in the opposite direction.

    Do it five times.

      What to do to prevent hair fall in pregnancy

      There are several measures you can take to keep your hair healthy and to reduce hair fall during pregnancy and after delivery:

      1. Contact a doctor to ensure the appropriate balance of hormones.
      2. Avoid Pigtails Corn Rose, Hair Webs, Braids and Tight Hair Roller. Your hair and hair remain sticky with them.
      3. Use shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica.
      4. Take care that wet hair is weak, do not use fine comb in wet hair.
      5. If you need to use blow dryers and other hot appliances, try to use cool setting.
      6. If your hair is dry, then you should use mild shampoo, in which the amount of detergent is less, this will maintain the natural oil of your hair.
      7. After washing the hair, use a moisturizing conditioner.
      8. These days it is better that you use dry towels to dry your hair. Blow dryers should not be used as far as possible.
      9. If you want to color your hair, then you can use natural (henna) these days.
      10. Laser or ozone seatings should not be taken at this stage, this may adversely affect you and your child’s health.
      11. Consumption of drugs like alcohol and cigarettes also affects your hair. Hair roots are weak and hair starts to break.
      12. Tension is also a big reason for hair breakage, so these days one should get used to being as happy as possible.
      13. Another thing that is very important is that to reduce hair breakage, apply placenta ampule in hair.
      14. To wash hair, always use lukewarm water instead of cold water.
      15. Avoid drying by vigorously rubbing with blow drawing and towels. Allow the hair to dry automatically. If you have to use a hair dryer, then take it or keep it on medium heat and keep it more than 6 inches away from the hair.
      16. Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush. Never comb wet hair, because at this time they are flexible and can break easily. Before combing, remove the hair from the fingers. Keep your comb apart.
      17. Avoid any hair styling like pony tail, curling roller etc. Try to change the demand every three months so that there is no pressure on the hair.
      18. Whenever you feel stressed or in difficulty, do something that will relax you, such as reading a book, listening to music or watching a movie.

      Diet To Keep Hair Healthy

      These days, food and drink should be taken care of. The body needs a lot of nutrients, due to which the pregnant has to face many problems. This can be a serious problem, especially for hair. The main element of hair is a protein called keratin. To keep hair roots strong, take a protein-rich diet. Sprouted pulses, soy, milk, milk products, eggs, meat, fish are very less during this period.

      During pregnancy, the body usually lacks calcium, iron and vitamins. To overcome their deficiency, balanced doses and medication etc. should be consumed if necessary. During this, regular routine, exercise, physical massage and adequate rest are of special importance. At this time, do not let your beauty floral wither, it is also necessary to take some precautions.

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