The Physics Factory at the Discovery Science Center

After 5 weeks on the road performing physics demonstrations to groups of kids, the Physics Factory concluded their Summer tour at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA.

Above: An anonymous member of the Physics Factory demonstrates angular momentum on an inclined plane. Below: Christina Pease defies gravity as she whirls water over her head with her Greek waiter’s tray.

Every Summer the Physics Factory packs their physics bus full of exciting science demonstrations and heads out on the road. The group traveled from Tucson, AZ to Edmonton, Canada and back down the west coast this summer. There are many organizations all over the country similar to the Physics Factory that bring spectacular physics demonstrations to your community. You can find them on the website Physics To Go.

Here are some of the highlights from the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA.

young and brave future scientist tests the water in the Greek waiter’s tray to see if it’s real.

A group of kids about to be shocked at how well they conduct electricity.

Physics equipment returning to it’s home on the Physics Bus.

And finally, the staff from the Discovery Science Center became victims of the vacuum bag. Look at the smiles of terror on their faces. The screaming, I mean laughing girl on the left, Julie Smith, took these fabulous photos. Actually, she probably didn’t take this one. That credit goes to her intern.

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