These 6 types of contraceptives pills, you must know

If you are not ready for the baby, then it is important to know what kind of contraception will be right for you. These 6 types of contraceptives you must know:

Contraceptives Pills

It is not necessary that every married couple wants to plan a family. Every couple should be careful to avoid unwanted pregnancy. If you are not ready for the baby, then it is important to know what kind of contraception will be right for you.

Pills Prevent Pregnancy- contraceptives pills

Knowledge of the best contraceptives cannot be gained from advertisements alone. You need to be aware of the contraceptives available in the market which can help you in making the right decision.

1. Pills

Medications are hormonal contraceptives. The pills use hormones to prevent pregnancy. Pills are one of the most commonly used contraceptives and are also quite effective. Pills inhibit the formation of eggs and bind them to sperm function. Such pills are called combined oral contraceptive pills. Combined birth control pills contain estrogen and progestin hormones. Such pills can prevent fertilization but do not provide protection from HIV or STDs. There is also another type of pill called progestogen (POP). These pills do not restrict the flow of sperm, but rather thicken the mucus in the uterus so that sperm cannot enter the vagina. POP uses only the hormone progestin.

2. Depo Provera Injection

These injections are a form of hormonal contraceptive. For best results, you can take them once every three months. Depo provera injections give 99 percent success from unwanted pregnancy.

Depo Provera Injection

3. Condom

Condoms are the cheapest, most easily available contraceptive. Condoms prevent fluid from one body to another, allowing sperm to enter the woman’s vagina. Condoms are not only contraceptive but also protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are made in two ways: latex and polyurethane. Latex condoms are usually readily available in pharmacies. Most couples around the world use condoms. But now female condoms are also coming in the market. They are also as effective as male condoms, but they are usually much more expensive than male condoms.

Condoms - Condoms are the cheapest, most easily available contraceptive.

4. Diaphragm

One form of contraception is the diaphragm, which prevents pregnancy by preventing sperm from entering the vagina. The diaphragm is placed in the woman’s vagina like a latex disc. Each time the diaphragm is used, it should be considered a spermicidal, which kills sperm and prevents semen from entering the uterus. This contraceptive is placed in the vagina 6 hours before sexual intercourse and is taken out within 24 hours of sex. The diaphragm is not very effective for people doing regular sex.

5. Emergency contraception

Emergency contraceptives can be taken for two to three days after unprotected sex. Emergency contraceptives are of two types: emergency contraceptive pills (ECP) and copper IUD. One dose of ECP is sufficient for women who weigh less than 70 kg. On the other hand, women whose weight is more than 70 kg should contact the doctor before its dose. Copper IUD prevents pregnancy in 99 percent of cases. When all other methods fail, the emergency contraceptive method can be selected. This contraceptive can also have side effects.

6. FameCap

Femcap is a shortened version of the cervical diaphragm. It is made of latex which should be inserted into the vagina about 6 hours before sex and taken out within a maximum of 48 hours. Since the cervical cap is only accessible with the uterus, it not only prevents unwanted pregnancy but also prevents urine infection. Famcaps ensure only partial protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

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