Third Week of Pregnancy – Know about the symptoms of the third week of pregnancy

The third week of pregnancy is very important. This week, there are no external changes in the body of the woman. He realizes the inner changes.

Third Week of Pregnancy

The third week of pregnancy is the time when most women come to know about their pregnancy. During this time the first glimpse of the child is also seen with the development of the mother. By the third week, there has been a lot of change in the lifestyle of women. Let’s know what symptoms come this week:

Symptoms of the third week of pregnancy

1. It is normal to have nausea and vomiting due to the release of hormones in the body and the development of the child. Stretching also starts in the body. Women also lose weight.

2. Mouth taste worsens. Women do not like the taste of what they eat during this time. Only sour things taste good to them.

3. There are no external changes seen in the body this week. A pregnant woman can easily feel the internal changes.

4. Headache and feeling tired while climbing stairs are also one of the major symptoms.

5. Many times it can happen that the thing that the woman loves to eat is not seen on her side, that is, there is also a change in mood.

Body changes

Like the previous weeks you will feel heaviness and pain in your breast. Fatigue and weakness will begin to be felt. Body temperature will be slightly higher. The ability to smell things will increase.

Child development

In the first week of pregnancy, the fertilized egg splits. This circle of cells is called blastocyte in the language of science. Your child is still just a ball of cells.

Ultrasound Report

No ultrasound images of the remaining two weeks are detected. Right now your child will not appear in the ultrasound.

Diet for Third Week

Soon you will need a lot of calcium, so eat things like milk, cheese, yogurt. Apart from this, you should drink sufficient amount of water to avoid constipation. Include vitamin C fruits, green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and pulses in your diet to provide adequate nutrition. Stay away from junk or fast food.

Tips For Third Week

Follow a healthy lifestyle, stay away from intoxication etc. Take the folic acid supplement given by the doctor regularly. Stay away from stress Do a light workout but avoid jumping. Do not travel anywhere now. Before taking any medicine, consult your doctor.

Pregnancy by Month & Pregnancy by Week

  1. First Month of Pregnancy:- Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5.
  2. Second Month of Pregnancy:- Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8, Week 9.
  3. Third Month of Pregnancy:- Week 9, Week 10, Week 11, Week 12, Week 13.
  4. Fourth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 13, Week 14, Week 15, Week 16, Week 17.
  5. Fifth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 17, Week 18, Week 19, Week 20, Week 21.
  6. Sixth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 22, Week 23, Week 24, Week 25, Week 26.
  7. Seventh Month of Pregnancy:- Week 27, Week 28, Week 29, Week 30, Week 31.
  8. Eighth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 32, Week 33, Week 34, Week 35, Week 36.
  9. Ninth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 36, Week 37, Week 38, Week 39, Week 40.

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