Tie One On

What do Mothers Against Drunk Driving, neckties, and microscopes have in common?
The Cocktail Collection of men’s neckwear by Stonehenge, Ltd. of course!

Think about it – how better to market neckties to men than with a line featuring colorful images of crystallized beer (left) and scotch (right)? Now, turn that into a partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and a catchy line such as “The only way to ‘tie one on’ before driving.” Genius!

I am a little late in voicing my appreciation for this as the ties debuted in the early 1990s – but hey, I was only 12 at time.

Michael Davidson, a biochemist-turned-microscope artist, took the images for the ties through an optical microscope. His company (Molecular Expressions) now has a whole line of beer images, as well as images of vitamins, pesticides, birthstones, and all kinds of other things that adorn items from clothing to greeting cards (visit the Galleria).

In addition to being colorful and fun, the images are a powerful reminder that changing your perspective can make a big difference in what you see. Put a glass of Guinness Stout next to Davidson’s microscopic image and you’ll know what I mean. Science and art are both about seeing everyday things in a new way – and exploring that viewpoint.

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